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Field Test: Milwaukee M12 Cordless Drain Snake 2571-21

The Milwaukee cordless drain snake has been a long awaited addition for many in the plumbing and maintenance trades. The M12 Drain Snake 2571-21 ($249) includes a 25’ x 5/16” bulb cable, battery, charger and 5 gallon bucket which is very handy for transport and storage. Some plumbers we talked with were concerned the M12 platform would not have enough …

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Milwaukee M12 Flashlight Is the Best Among Tool Companies

Milwaukee’s commitment to LED lighting continues with the introduction of the M12 LED Metal Flashlight. Targeting Maglite users, these flashlights sell at a higher price point (2355-20, $99) than non-rechargable flashlights, but the LED means you will never have to pay to replace a bulb, and the M12 means that you will never pay for another pack of D-cells again.

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Milwaukee M12 Thermal Imager 7.8K 2258-21, $499

Thermal Imaging Camera have come a long way from the $20,000+ units the military used in the 1980’s to this new 7,854 Pixel (102×77) camera 2258-21 for under $500. Thermal imaging cameras can really change the way we do so many job in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, remodeling, engine repair, roofing and so many more. Up until now the cost of …

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Milwaukee New LED Light Solutions M12 & M18

At the Milwaukee Product Symposium a few months ago we go a look at 3 new innovative Milwaukee LED solutions and it looks like within the next month they should all be hitting store shelves. With the technology improving so rapidly and cost for LEDs coming down it really opens up all sorts of new opportunities. The M12 LED Spotlight …

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Milwaukee New Product Symposium June, 16th & 17th #NPS15

We opened our Milwaukee Heavy Duty News email today, the same one any Red Team fan signs up for, and it was pretty interesting because they are already promoting their New Product Symposium which will be held in Milwaukee next week June, 16th & 17th. The event is very easy to follow real time from Coptool or any other tool …

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Build Your Own Milwaukee M12 Combo Kits

Looking for a Milwaukee M12 Combo Kit this is really the best promo of the year to do it with. If you just want to add an extra tool to what you’ve got great you’ll get a free M12 battery, either 2.0Ah 48-11-2420 ($49) or 4.0Ah 48-11-2440 ($69) depending on which tool you select. Ships free instantly with purchase from …

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL 5-3/8″ Circular Saw 2530-21XC Review

We originally posted on the Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw a while back but wanted to put it in the hands of a friend and craftsmen who would have the opportunity to really use this tool on a daily basis and see what he thought. GUEST BLOGGER: My name is Matt Bowman, and I’m excited to have been asked to write …

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