Milwaukee New LED Light Solutions M12 & M18

M18 Flood Light

At the Milwaukee Product Symposium a few months ago we go a look at 3 new innovative Milwaukee LED solutions and it looks like within the next month they should all be hitting store shelves. With the technology improving so rapidly and cost for LEDs coming down it really opens up all sorts of new opportunities. The M12 LED Spotlight 2353-20 ($69), M18 LED Stand Light 2130-20 ($249) and the M18 LED HP Flood Light 2360-20 ($149) are great examples of the path Milwaukee looks to be headed down.

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M12 Spot Light

The M12 LED Spotlight 2353-20 features the TRUEVIEW light technology which produces a clear natural light import in to make sure the red wire is red, blue is blue, etc. This light is ideal for inspections and diagnosis up close or at a distance. Looking into the rafters 20 feet overhead no problem, in high the 700 lumen beam can actually reach 600-700 yards (7 football fields) away. This distance is also a safety feature in a pinch as it has a strobe mode which could be used to signal trouble. IPX4 rated to handle any weather means this is good for working outdoors or for recreation, hunting, fishing, camping, etc. Battery life in high should be about 1 hour per battery Amp/hour, so 2.0Ah good for 2 hours. In low or strobe double that number so 2.0Ah will get you roughly 4 hours. This is the perfect companion for the M12 Lantern 2362-20 ($59) which has a very wide area of light coverage (adjustable up to 360 degrees) but not very good for distances.

M18 Light Stand

The M18 LED Light Stand 2130-20 AKA the Light Bazooka. This LED also features the TRUEVIEW light which is very close to the nature light spectrum. Getting the lighting up off the ground is key for a safer, more productive work environment but it’s not always that easy to hang or mount your light. This new Milwaukee M18 light gives the users great portability collapsing down to 40” in seconds as well as a very wide range of versatility with a head that can swivel in all directions and a shaft that can instantly adjust from 4ft to 7th. Of course the other big issues with lighting on a jobsite is when it gets bumped into or knocked over when an air hose clips it. This M18 stand light is impact resistant and can take a fall without damage or the lights going out. Up to 4 hours runtime with XC 5.0Ah M18 battery in 2000 lumen high mode!

M18 Corded LED Light

The M18 LED HP Flood Light 2360-20 TRUEVIEW is the big brother to the M18 LED Flood Light 2361-20 ($99) which came out just a year or so ago. The new HP adds a lot of features including 3000 lumen output (20% more than 500w halogen and 50% more than M18 2361-20). It also has a roll cage with adjustable directional light. On high a 5.0Ah battery can power this unit for 2 hours (up to 9 hours in low) but more importantly the 2360-20 can be plugged into AC power so you don’t even need to use a battery. We’ve been waiting to see this feature for some time as sometimes you have power and others you don’t but no sense in draining a good battery if you’re right next to an outlet.

M18 Light Stand

All 3 of these new Milwaukee Tool lighting solutions should be very popular and we like to see so many options for users to really pick the best option for them. No longer are we limited to the basic flash light that comes in a combo kit.

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