Build Your Own Milwaukee M12 Combo Kits

Milwaukee M12 Kits

Looking for a Milwaukee M12 Combo Kit this is really the best promo of the year to do it with. If you just want to add an extra tool to what you’ve got great you’ll get a free M12 battery, either 2.0Ah 48-11-2420 ($49) or 4.0Ah 48-11-2440 ($69) depending on which tool you select. Ships free instantly with purchase from limited online Milwaukee Tool partners like Ohio Power Tool.

Where the deal gets really rich and also allows you to customize to your personal needs is to select 1 tool from group A and 1 tool from group B and you get both batteries as well as a M12 charger and Milwaukee bag, all instantly with purchase ($180 total value FREE)!!

Milwaukee M12 Kits

Some possible M12 kit combos that might make some sense would be a M12 2407-20 drill/driver and M12 Bandsaw 2429-20 as a full kit only $225! Or perhaps an M12 right angle drill 2415-20 and M12 FUEL Hackzall 2520-20 as a full kit for only $219. Hundreds of possible combos and the best part is you call the shots!

For any questions give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help you build your kit and get it out right away.

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