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Milwaukee M12 & M18 Rapid Charger 48-59-1807

Several months back we were privileged enough to attend the Milwaukee New Product Launch Event and of all the innovative new items we reported on, the most asked about has been this multi-bay rapid charger 48-59-1807 ($169). There are several impressive features of this new charger that may justify the expense over the M18 Sequential 6-Bay charger 48-59-1806 ($99) even …

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Jobsite Vacuum 0850-20

Whenever we hear about a new jobsite cordless vacuum it’s hard not to have flashbacks to my childhood of mom using her DustBuster (1986 commercial below) she kept mounted on the wall. It was a handy little vacuum she used to clean out her Silver Honda Hatchback. Jumping from those memories to a modern day jobsite isn’t the most natural …

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Milwaukee M12 Variable Speed Polisher/Sander 2438-22X

Years ago during one of my summer breaks home from college a buddy and I thought it would be a good idea to get jobs at a carwash making tips towel drying cars. After about a week I got promoted to detailer. With no detailing experience, not even old enough to buy a beer the keys to new Mercedes, BMWs …

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless March Madness Sale

For the next 2 week until Monday March 24th OhioPowerTool.com is offering some very aggressive deals on all the Milwaukee M12 Tools. To start with all the M12 FUEL brushless tool kits will receive the new LED Stick light 2351-20 ($80) FREE instantly with each kits purchased. Everything left with a brushed motor will receive an additional 10% already low …

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How Milwaukee is Leading the Way in Cordless Power Tools

Recently we attended the Milwaukee Tool media event and we very surprised to see just how many cordless tools the red team was coming to market with by the end of 2013. As things stand today, if cordless tools were a horse race, it would be hard to argue that Milwaukee isn’t the horse to bet on against Pro brands …

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Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light 2351-20 – First Look

This new Milwaukee LED light is actually the third option in the Milwaukee M12 lineup but offers some unique features over the other two more traditional flashlights. The 2351-20 has 3 LED lights that product 220 lumens to really illuminate a wider work area. The multi-position hook on the back also helps secure the light in place so you can …

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