Milwaukee New Product Symposium June, 16th & 17th #NPS15

Milwaukee NPS15

We opened our Milwaukee Heavy Duty News email today, the same one any Red Team fan signs up for, and it was pretty interesting because they are already promoting their New Product Symposium which will be held in Milwaukee next week June, 16th & 17th. The event is very easy to follow real time from Coptool or any other tool news source on Facebook and/or Twitter using hashtag #NPS2015 so it makes sense they are doing a little more hype before the event. You can watch the video below from last year to get a better idea of what a huge production this is for Milwaukee Tool.

For the 2015 event they are promising even more new products and taking a quote from the video “I think we’re going to need a whole building for hand tools next year  it makes sense why they had to move the venue to a much larger space.

Milwaukee Security Key

The only hint we received about the event was this Milwaukee USB thumb drive in the shape of a “Key” which turned out to be blank (either that or infected our computers with a super virus). A few years back Ford Work Solutions had a big push for Bluetooth security using RFID tracking that would be built into their vehicles and partnered with another tool brand to create Tool Link. We never heard much more about it but seemed like a good idea. In the meantime the need for jobsite and tool security has remained strong while RFID and Bluetooth technology has only gotten cheaper. Hopefully we’ll see something along these lines to reduce potential tool theft that isn’t tied to a specific model of Ford truck.

NPS15 Milwaukee

Understanding the various categories Milwaukee seems focused on from last year we fully expect to continue to see much more in the way of new M12 & M18 cordless, new hydraulic tools, new storage solutions, new hand tools, new accessories, updates to the heated gear and probably lots more. Couple of hopes from last year, first was for a Cordless Mag Drill which already was announced and shipping shortly. Second would be for a cordless miter saw, which Milwaukee president promised us at the closing last year and already exists as an 8” in Europe… But it would be way more practical in the US as a 10”. Third would be the most requested tool we’ve heard consistently for the last 2 years, an M18 FUEL Hackzall. Finally, is a M18 production version of this Cooler too much to ask… ideally one you could ride on and that plays music.

What do you want to see Milwaukee Tools launch at the 2015 New Product Symposium? Could we see Lawn & Garden equipment? Cordless Nailers? Battery Powered E-Bikes? Bluetooth Batteries? Lots of possibilities out there from other brands and certainly a lot more uncharted territory to come. One thing is for certain Milwaukee never lets us down when it comes to new products.

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