Milwaukee Tool 2016 New Product Symposium #NPS16 – In A Nutshell

Sawzall Carbide Blades

We wanted to hit some of the high points of today’s 2016 Milwaukee Product Launch Event! We will of course follow up with some additional in-depth coverage over the next week or two on many of these new products. Please feel free to email in questions or ask them on our Facebook (where we have a ton more event pictures and videos) and we will do our best to address them right away! For more event info search #NPS16 on your favorite platform!

New ONE-KEY Tools and Features

A few big announcements today on the ONE-KEY platform in new tools and features for the platform. First you will be able to shut off tools remotely if lost or stolen, good for all One-Key tools (once update goes live). Basically this makes them worthless to try to sell, pawn or use and should be a pretty good theft deterrent along with the tool tracking to actually help find the tools. Once recovered you can of course activate them again and use the tool. If nothing else you’ll at least have some satisfaction knowing the jerk that stole your tools isn’t going to get to use them.

Fuel Sawzall M18 One-Key

M18 FUEL SAWZALL with ONE-KEYJake tried the new (Coming in October) Sawzall ONE-KEY. By changing profiles, it slows the took to match the material. #NPS16 #NBHD

Posted by Coptool on Wednesday, June 8, 2016


M18 FUEL Sawzall with ONE-KEY is coming soon, which is the next logical tool, there are clear benefits to dialing the tool speed but the biggest benefit (we think) is the tool tracking. We were hoping to see other high dollar M18 items get the ONE-KEY tech like SDS-Plus, SDS-MAX, Press Tools, Pex, BandSaws, HoleHawgs, etc just to be able to track the tools. Added Safety feature can stop blade once through material. (see Full Post M18 Sawzall ONE-KEY M18 Sawzall ONE-KEY)

ONE-KEY Site Light M18

ONE-KEY M18 Radius Site Light is another cool new item which will be coming in a few months. This light has up to 4400 lumens and can work off AC (and daisy chain), it is designed to go after Wobble Lights and string lights for general light on the job. Looks like there will be 2 options for the M18 Radius Site Lights 2145-20 ($299) and the 2146-20 with ONE-KEY ($349). The ONE-KEY option will give you access to control lots of features including controlling multiple lights at once, brightness, etc as well as of course tool tracking and new remote shut off. Can hang from ceiling, wall mount or site on the floor and good for about 20’ coverage. This is very price light option but with 50,000 hr life on LED and ONE-KEY tracking could be the last lights you’ll ever need. (see Full Post M18 Radius Light)

New M18 FUEL Cordless

M18 lawn and garden

Trying the new Milwaukee M18 FUEL Yard Tools #nps16 #nbhd

Posted by Coptool on Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Lawn and Garden huh… Well it is true Milwaukee FUEL M18 is now in the Lawn and Garden business with a string trimmer, blower and hedge trimmer. What makes these tools awesome is that they work on the M18 platform instead of needing to go 36V or 40V or 56V and making you leave the platform. Are these less powerful? Of course not, with Milwaukee FUEL brushless motors powering them, they have all the juice others claim with 40V or higher. The M18 9.0Ah batteries have the same number of cells as a 54V (or 60V) battery but their tools already power a SDS-Max rotary hammer they can without a doubt also power a string trimmer. Spring 2017 launch date.

Cordless Water Transfer Pump

M18 water transfer pump gets back to their “core users” and should be a great tool for plumbers. Self Priming, auto shut-off and 7.5 GPM make this a very handy cordless tool.

M18 Cordless Polisher

M18 FUEL Rotary Polisher is another great addition 2738-20 ($249, expected retail) as most detailers would love to go cordless if possible. Milwaukee already has one of the most common corded polishers 5460-6 ($219) but this will be the first cordless we know of. Ideally a perfect pairing with the smaller M12 Polishers for all those hard to reach places. Variable speed trigger down to 0 RPM and dial setting from 800-2200 RPM. Battery life for a 5.0Ah will be “One Car” worth… Expect the M18 out Fall 2016. We were hoping we might actually see a M18 FUEL 7” grinder this year but no luck.. perhaps 2017. (see Full Post M18 FUEL Polisher)

10in cordless miter saw

M18 FUEL Miter Saw is the first of its kind 10” cordless slide miter saw. Retail should be $550 bare tool and obviously a perfect candidate for the new 9.0Ah battery ($650 kit with 1x 9.0Ah & M18 Rapid Charger). Full 12” depth capacity and we demoed cutting 4×4” oak with no problems. Perfect solution for the jobsite at only 45lbs.

Shadow Line Miter Saw

M18 FUEL Cordless 10″ Miter SawJake trys the M18 FUEL miter saw 10″ Cordless – Shadow line Better than Laser #NPS16 #NBHD

Posted by Coptool on Wednesday, June 8, 2016


M18 FUEL Miter Saw Light on both sides of blade creates a shadow instead of a laser for better accuracy that’ll never get out of alignment. Launches in October 2016.

M18 Screw Gun Cut-Out Tool

Milwaukee M18 Cut Out ToolThe new Milwaukee M18 Cut Out Tool #nbhd #NPS16

Posted by Coptool on Wednesday, June 8, 2016


M18 Screw guns and M18 Cut Out tools are another nice addition for the remodelers and drywall guys. These are great for those already in the M18 system to go cordless and look like very well built tools but nothing revolutionary we saw on first glance.

M18 ROCKET Multi Directional LED Light Tower builds on the success of the LED Stand Light 2130-20 ($249) but adds 3 adjustable heads (original only has 1) to control the lights. Use AC or M18 battery power. Also a M18 “Search Light” for high powered directional lighting.

Milwaukee M12 Cordless

M12 Batteries 3.0Ah and 6.0Ah XC are on their way!

We had a chance to use the M12 cordless Drain Snake 2571-21 ($249, Now Available) which is the first we know of a cordless snake and this one is surprisingly powerful for 12V. See more info on that in our previous post here.

M18 Flood Flash Lights

The M12 Metal Flashlight looks very similar to a Police Issue Mag Light but with a narrow neck for better grip and obviously runs off the M12 batteries. This light can focus the beam from area to spot with 800 lumens and a 375 yard distance with spot. Using a M12 4ah battery they claim 5 hour runtime on High, 7 hours on low. Price looks to be $100 retail and sorry that doesn’t include a battery. The M12 Floodlight will also be launching for area light with a compact design. (see Full Post M12 Flashlight & M12 Rover Light)

New M12 Heated Gear will expand on the multiple layers solution we saw with the RipStop 3-N-1 last year. The new outer shell jacket features “ToughShell” a more abrasive resistant soft shell for the jobsite, with will be separate garment from the under “heated layer”. It seems that these different layers will be able to be purchased separate so you will be able to buy just the outer jacket (no heating elements) stand alone as well as a hoodie or vest as the mid layer with heating element. The base layer “WorkSkin” is the moisture wicking layer that will wear under everything else. Workskin build for pros, no seams in sholders and lower tail coverage. All the Milwaukee Heated Gear will now be called Milwaukee GridIron Work Wear becuase it’s obviously not all “heated” anymore.

Levels and Tape Measures

Milwaukee Redstick Levels

Empire (owned by Milwaukee) will offer LED light options for their vials, also Milwaukee will be launching a full line of Red levels “RedStick” as well. Focusing on new tech that make the box levels way stronger metal reinforced “backbone” (more accurate, longer in the field) as well as the vials which are nearly indestructible “sharpsite”. New Milwaukee 360 degree rotating vial torpedo levels offer better performance for fine angle adjustments. New Milwaukee 100’ and 300’ measuring reels offer “debris wiper” advantages cleaning for longer life.

Milwaukee Tool Storage

Milwaukee Rollerbags

We already saw many of the new Milwaukee Tech Bags and Bucket options (more info in recent post here) but later this year the Milwaukee Storage Solutions will expand into larger roller backs with big metal wheels and built for jobsite abuse. Hard top to use as a dolly basically to stack other boxed or bulk materials. These look like a great solution to get all your materials where you need them.

Carbide AX SAWZALL Blades

Carbide Ax Sawzall Blades

Carbide Sawzall Blade AX from MilwaukeeNew Milwaukee AX with Carbide Teeth! #NPS16 #NBHD

Posted by Coptool on Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Milwaukee is a little late to the Carbide Tooth Recip Blade party but will be adding several options for heavy duty cutting. We’ve had a lot of experience with carbide recip blades and think there will be a big shift towards these types of blades. They invented the Sawzall they are not going to hall behind on Sawzall Blades!

Soooo Many More Tools To Talk About

Fastener & Reamer in one!

Milwaukee Fastener & Reamer

Lots of pipe & plumbing hand tools we heard about last year are being expanded on, which will all be on shelves by July!

Milwaukee Pipe Tools

Milwaukee Welding Clamps

The 4 new Milwaukee “premium” pocket knives will be called HARDLINE $60-$80 (see Full Post Milwaukee Hardline)

Milwaukee Hardline Knives

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