In 1918 Henry Ford mad a request for a better 1/4″ power drill that was lighter, small and more powerful. The Hole-Shooter was born and origins of Milwaukee Tool. Through the years the brand has become a favorite of Trades Professionals with many iconic tools such as the Sawzall and Porta-Band.

Since 2005 with new ownership, Milwaukee has become highly focused on innovations in cordless tool Milwaukee M12, M18 and MX becoming what many consider the stand-in professional cordless tool performance. Milwaukee is now in many categories including hand tools, safety, apparel, and accessories.

Next up on Week In Review. Skilsaw takes on DeWALT, Spense put a microwave on his tough stack and Mark Thomas is finally hearing up! This is Season 3 of the Power Tool Week In Review!

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Milwaukee Heated jackets

Today we’re going to take a look at the all-new line of Milwaukee Heated Gear, specifically the new M12 Heated Axis Jacket, a few of their Axis Outer Shells, and the new M12 Women’s Heated Softshell jacket.

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Our buddy from the state up north Mark Thomas showed off his new WORX Leaf blower, Leaf Mulcher, Leaf Vacuum? Leaf dominator. Mark has the Worx Trivac 2.0 that can handle whatever you throw at it. He tested the Trivec by vacuuming out window wells, mulching collected leaves, and clearing freshly pruned shrubs around his home. He seemed pretty happy …

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