In 1918 Henry Ford mad a request for a better 1/4″ power drill that was lighter, small and more powerful. The Hole-Shooter was born and origins of Milwaukee Tool. Through the years the brand has become a favorite of Trades Professionals with many iconic tools such as the Sawzall and Porta-Band.

Since 2005 with new ownership, Milwaukee has become highly focused on innovations in cordless tool Milwaukee M12, M18 and MX becoming what many consider the stand-in professional cordless tool performance. Milwaukee is now in many categories including hand tools, safety, apparel, and accessories.

In an attempt to replace your dirty, high-maintenance gas generator, We’ve already covered the massive Milwaukee MX Carry On, the DeWALT power station, the EGO Power+ Nexus, and even the Klein KTB1000. And while the Milwaukee was… fine. It was also expensive, and of course was stuck on the less-than-popular Milwaukee MX battery platform. And the biggest question we got, …

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