BREAKING! 18 NEW TOOLS Announced from Milwaukee, RIDGID and Makita!

A great new tool day here at Belts And Boxes, with releases from Milwaukee, RIDGID, and new coat of paint from Makita, this time in theft deterrent green. Let’s go!

MAKITA | Adventure LXT Line

Let’s start with that sexy new line of color from Makita. Just this morning they announced a new line of 18V and 36V LXT tools, under the name Makita Outdoor Adventure. The lineup includes a blower, vac, top handle chainsaw, coffee maker, fans, inflator, lighting, power inverter, radio, speakers, cooler and kettle. Each one in Camo Green, making them impossible to find at your campsite. Which is great if you’re trying to remain hidden from wildlife, but pretty frustrating if you’re trying to make a cup of coffee on a brisk mountain morning. Look a bit closer, and you’ll see that every tool in the new lineup, is old.

Makita just painted them camo green and made a new website to promote them to campers. But as much as we all love to make fun of Makita’s theft deterrent teal, why would you not want your camping equipment to stand out so you don’t lose it? These tools were already great for camping. Did we really need to make our tire inflator blend in with nature? I feel like I might be missing something here, and a bunch of you will gladly jump in the comments and explain it to me. I look forward to that. 

RIDGID | Rear Handle Circular Saw

Moving on to RIDGID, who wanted you to know that the RIDGID 18V Brushless 7 ¼” Rear Handle Circular Saw, the R8658, which was announced back in March, will finally hit shelves Home Depot! Next Month. Thanks RIDGID. The new Cordless Rear Handle boasts more power than a 15A corded worm-drive saw, and a lot of clever features that if prove to be true, will make this saw worth the wait. 

Milwaukee | REDLITHIUM USB Neck Light

And last of all, Milwaukee didn’t think you looked silly enough in the shop, so they made you a necklace. THIS is the all new Milwaukee Neck Light, part of their popular REDLITHIUM USB line up. They say this is a best in class neck light, once again not mentioning who else attends that specific class. It features 400 lumens of their TRUEVIEW High-Definition light, which ensures the blue wire is blue, and the purple wire isn’t.

The neck light looks incredibly comfortable, and the twin independently adjustable lights you can easily point the light where you need it, as long as it’s in front of you, and either up or down. It’s IP54 rated, and designed to survive most chemicals found in body shops, and impact resistant for drops up to 6 feet. It’ll run for up to 2.5 hour at 400 lumens, or 8 hours at 250. And I know what you’re thinking, “That thing’ll be like $75 bucks!” Nope! It’s $99, and launches next month. 

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