Power Tool News from Milwaukee, Makita, DeWALT, Bosch and More!

Milwaukee apparently didn’t show us EVERYTHING at Pipeline this year, because today they announced 2 new tools and a full system of BOLT eye and face protection. Let’s go!

First off, Milwaukee’s BOLT system, which allows users to easily attach accessories to their helmets, expands with 4 new offerings, starting with the new BOLT Eye Visors, which are designed to provide users with the best fit, while not interfering with headlamps.

They’re classified as spectacles and can be used in place of safety glasses with a Z87.1+ rating. It features dual pivoting adjustments points, and the lenses are treated with an anti-scratch exterior hard coating and a lasting fog-free interior coating. The eye visors also include a BLOT low profile headlamp mount. It’s compatible with all Milwaukee head protection.

Next up the Polycarbonate face shield, featuring an ANSI Z87.1+ rating as well, fog free interior coating, anti-scratch exterior, and include a BOLT low profile headlamp mount as well.

They also announced a Metal Mesh Face Shield, constructed with highly durable stainless steel, designed to protect you from debris in chipping and cutting applications.

It’s ANSI Z87.1 rated, with optimal shield width and mesh pattern design that insures a consistent wide and clear field of view. It also features snap-in, snap-out covers, for quick replacement. They’re available in an option compatible with all Milwaukee safety helmets and hard hats.

And finally, They announced an all new BOLT REDLITHIUM USB Headlamp. We’ve been using their standard REDLITHIUM USB Headlamps for a couple of years now and love them. But this one is specifically designed to stay out of the way of raising and lowering face shields and eye visors, by making it incredibly thin. It delivers 600 lumens of trueview high definition flood lighting.

It has a 70 degree pivoting light head to help keep the light on your work. It has a cam lock mounted battery pack in the rear, keeping the bulk of the battery out of your way. It has four light output modes, high medium low and eco which gives you up to 32 hours of runtime. The battery can be charged either in the headlamp itself using a USBC cable, or swapped out with an additional redlithium usb battery. It’s IP54 rated for water and dust resistance, and can withstand up to 2 meter drops. 

All of these new safety products will launch this fall. 

Next we have an all new M12 Green Cross Line and 4 points laser. When paired with an M12 Redlithium CP 3.0 battery, you can expect at least 9 hours of continuous runtime, which is no small feat for a power hungry green laser. Speaking up, that same green laser gives you plenty of visibiliy up to 125’.

The vertical and horizontal lines make it easier for alignment and leveling applications, while the plumb points help with floor to ceiling point transfer, and the horizontal dots squaring points are perfect for quick and accurate squaring alignments. It’s fitted with amplified rare earth magnets for secure hold on steel studs. It’s impact rated for drops up to one meter and the ip54 rating helps protect it from the rest of the jobsite.

The new 3624 Milwaukee M12 Green Cross line and 4 points laser kit will arrive this month, for $549 or $499 as a bare tool.

Last of all, Milwaukee announced an entirely new M18 FUEL 1 ¼” SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer with one key. They claim to deliver 30% faster drilling of ¾” holes and weigh up to 6 lbs lighter than SDS Max rotary hammers.

The D Handle is designed to provide better balance, specifically designed for downward drilling. At 3.65 ft-lbs of impact energy, 810 RPM, and 4650 BPM, the powerstate brushless motor is up for the most demanding applications. It has 3 operation modes, including rotary hammer, hammer only and rotary. And no doubt the anti vibration system will be appreciated as well.

It also features Milwakuee’s AUTOSTOP kickback control, shutting off the tool in a bind-up situation nad preventing over rotation. When it’s paired with an M18 High Output XC6.0 battery, it can drill up to 25 ¾” x 4” holes per charge. And when you use it with Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL HammerVac 1 ¼” dedicated dust extractor, it’ll be OSHA Table 1 compliant. 

And of course, thanks to the inclusion of ONE-KEY, you can track manage and secure your new hammer as well. The all new 2916 Milwaukee M18 FUEL 1 ¼” SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer with ONE KEY will launch in October for $749 in a kit, or $499 bare. 

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