BREAKING! 14 New tools Announced from Milwaukee, RIDGID, and DeWALT!

There are actually a LOT of tool announcements today, including a new Hammer Drill and Impact From RIDGID, a Green Laser from DeWALT, and Milwaukee just announced 8 new hammers, 2 new axes and an M18 BABY CHAINSAW! Let’s go!


Let’s start with the new drills from RIDGID, beginning with the R-86-11-52-B RIDGID 18V Brushless ½” High Torque Hammer Drill/Driver. Featuring 1,250 inch pounds of torque, a 2 speed gearbox and a max 2,000 RPM. It’s so powerful, they say it can drill up to a 2 9/16” bit in high speed. It’s 25% faster than their own R860012. It has anti-kickback tech to save your arms, a ½” all metal ratcheting chuck, and an led light. It’ll be available at this October for $149.

RIDGID also announced the R-86-23-12-k 18V Brushless 4 mode ¼” impact driver. This one features 2,400 inch pounds of torque, and claims to be 40% faster than their R-86-002.

The 4 modes include 3 speeds and a self-tapping mode to prevent overdriving, breaking or stripping screws. It has a quick release 1/4in hex chuck, and an LED light. It too will be available in October for $199 in a kit.


Moving on to DeWALT, who announced a new 20V MAX 3 by 360 Green Line Laser with a max visible range of 130 ft, or 330 ft with DeWALT’s Green Line Laser Detector. It has a strong internal magnet strong enough to support the laser AND a 5.0AH 20V Max battery as well. And with such a large battery, you can leave the laser on for a ridiculous 11 hours, which is 3 hours after you left the jobsite, forgetting to turn it off. DeWALT says the laser is available now, but we can’t seem to find it online, and they didn’t give us a price. But it’s already available at Sydney Tools in Australia for $699 digery-doos, so who knows.

Milwaukee News

Ok It’s killing me not talking about the new baby chainsaw, but I promise we’re almost there. But first, Milwaukee REEEEALY wants me to hit something. Which is why they announced a new line of hammers, including 2 new Dead Blow Hammers, 2 new Steel Ball Peen Hammers, and 2 new Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammers.

They also announced a 15oz Drywall hammer, and a 21oz milled face poly/fiberglass hammer. All of which I of course need, but there’s also a 16” and a 26” splitting axe that we REALLY need here on the Belts and Boxes acres… Milwaukee. 

And while they all look great, have features named things like “SHOCKSHIELD GRIP”, and will be available this month, for prices like these, I simply can’t talk about anything else right now, because it’s BABY CHAINSAW TIME! 

The only Milwaukee news Sarah wanted to share.

If you’ve watched almost any other video on Belts And Boxes, you know that I’m a huge fan of baby chainsaws, including Milwaukee’s now legendary M12. But today, Milwaukee thought I needed more power, and they were right. This is the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hatchet 8” Pruning Saw.

Weighing in at less than 5lbs without a battery, and the same compact design we love on the m12, this new version aims to bring more power that only the M18 FUEL system can provide. Milwaukee says it’s so powerful, it’ll cut faster than a 25cc gas pruning saw. Except this one doesn’t need to be pull started, you won’t need to mix gas and oil, just grab your baby chainsaw and get to cutting.

I for one can’t wait! The new M18 FUEL HATCHET 8” Pruning saw will be available in October for $279 bare. If you’re like me and you have to be one of the very first people to get one, you can preorder right now over at 

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