HUGE week in Power Tools! And we’ve got ALL the details from Milwaukee, Wera, DeWALT and more!

Welcome back power tool fans, this week… we have Hammer Drills, a Massive track saw, new Vera tools, heat guns, storage, an RC mower, new Kobalt, a framing nailer and more! THIS is your power tool week in Review.

Oz Tool Talk | 40V XGT SAW!

Extra large show this week guys. We’re gonna start our extra large show, with an extra large circular saw from Makita.

And you won’t believe who’s reviewing it! My buddies Mike and Dwayne are back! After a 4 month break, my favorite Aussies are working with the Makita 40V XGT 9 and ¼” circular saw. And with a cutting depth of 3.34 inches it’s getting a lot, of work done. Throughout their rigorous testing, the boys find a lot of things they like about the saw, including cutting depth, a handy paddle for preloading the blade guard, but most importantly, it’s track compatible! But there were a few things they’d change if Makita asked them first. Overall, its a big, powerful, capable track saw, and Makita fan or not, you’re likely to get a lot of work done, if you give it a shot. For the full review, head over to Oz Tool Talk.

Tool Box Buzz | SENCO Nailer

Speaking of comebacks, it’s been a month since we’ve heard from Rob Robillard over at Tool Box Buzz, but this week he’s back with a new review, this time focused on something from SENCO.

That is the Senco FN91T1 3 ½” 34-degree paper tape Framing Nailer. And after putting it to work on an actual jobsite, Rob called it the Perfect framing and remodeling nailer, and that’s significant coming from someone with 30 years of experience, using a wide variety of them. He specifically loved how easy it was to adjust the depth on the fly, and the aggressively sharp tip that made this perfect for toenailing in tight spaces, despite the large size of the nailer. Rob is one of the few tradesmen left on Youtube, qualified to really put this gun through its paces. So if you’re in the market, be sure to check out Tool Box Buzz first.

Project Farm | Saw Blades

A year ago, Todd over at Project farm decided to find out which demolition circular saw blade was the best, so he figured it was time to take another look, this time at regular circular saw blades.

And of course, his range is pretty wide, starting with a $28 Falkenwald, all the way down to a super affordable Spyder, which comes in a $10 2 pack. He uses a clever rig to test cutting speed through 2x4s and hardwoods, and even forces them through 10 16 penny nails in a 2×4. Of course it’s always fun to watch Todd send these poor blades through his gauntlet of torture, it’s also fun to see how close the cheapest blade comes to the most expensive. I’d comment further, but I’m extremely biased towards a specific brand. whispers Spyder…. To find out which blade you should be buying, head over to Project Farm.

Man Caver Tools | HILTI / DeWALT

Speaking of Head 2 Heads, Dave had another one for us this week. This time he decided to try out and all new DeWALT SDS Hammer Drill, against the all-new Nuron from Hilti.

THAT is the DeWALT DCH172B, Atomic 20-Volt MAX Cordless Brushless Ultra-compact ⅝ in SDS Plus Hammer Drill. 94 characters in that name for those counting, and it’s competitor is the Hilti TE 4-A22 Cordless Rotary Hammer. 37 characters. Come on Hilti. Do better. Maybe call it the Hilti TE 4-A22 Super Hammer, world ender, pride of Liechtenstein, cordless rotary hammer, turbo edition. That would be 103 characters. Anyways, the DeWALT’s biggest advantage is obvious up front, weighing in at a minuscule 4lbs vs Hilti’s 5.

But that’s just about the last time you’re going to see DeWALT come anywhere near the Pride of Liechtenstein Turbo Edition. In nearly every test, the Hilti Super Hammer beats the everliving crap out of the DeWALT, literally making it cry to it’s mom. When the silica dust cleared, the empty can of whoop ass looks a little less impressive when you realize that the DeWALT costs $219 bare, while the Hilti is $349. But don’t worry, the Hilti comes in a kit for only $799. That’s with two batteries a charger, the vac, and some bits. Anyways, if you enjoy watching DeWALT get its priorities rearranged by a Hilti, head over to Man Caver Tools.

Ohio Power Tool | Deal of the Week

We’ve got like 8 more videos for you, but before we get to those, let’s cover our deals of the week. This week we have a DeWALT E-Rebate. Get a free 4.0ah battery with select $300 20V Max purchases. I’ll have a link directly to that deal below.

Ohio Power tool is also running a $15 off $100 deal on all in stock Milwaukee Apparel including new heated gear, hoodies, pants, hats, and safety gear, gloves, glasses and more. That deal started today, and ends in just 48 hours.

Production Crew Shelf Update

I also have news about our empty prize shelf. Every month we randomly call a channel member live, and let them pick from one of our $2,000 power tool prize shelves, including one loaded with Makita, SKIL, and Ryobi tools. We decided to refill our fourth shelf, with Milwaukee, and we want to know what Milwaukee tools you want to see on it! If you had $2,000 to spend on Milwaukee tools, what tools would you ask for? Let me know in the comments so we can get it filled this week! And of course, we’ll be sure to fill it with a huge collection of SPYDER bits and blades, because there’s no point using Pro tools, without pro accessories.

Spyder Giveaway

Hey as long as we’re talking about Spyder, did you see what they sent us? Because Spyder found out there are a couple of people left that still aren’t using SPYDER accessories, so they asked us to give some away this week. So today we’re going to giveaway this stack of stuff. How do they get entered? Good question, if you have an address in the lower 48, and want to win this stack of goodies, leave me a comment, telling me which brand power tool you’ll be using your pro accessories in. Good luck!

Machinery Nation | EGO Dump Truck

Do you guys remember last month when Machinery Nation converted an EGO Z6 into a remote-controlled mower? Turns out that wasn’t good enough for James. Not good enough at all.

If you don’t have someone sitting on the Z6, that whole deck where your feet go becomes wasted space, so our band of British blokes decided to turn it into a lawn mowing utility cart, complete with power dump, not to be confused with the consequences of eating late night white castle. While this may already seem fun enough, James gets his kids involved, and as it turns out, little kids with british accents are my weakness. SO FREAK’N CUTE! You can watch the full build at Machinery Nation.

WERA | New Innovations

I know we don’t cover many hand tools here on Belts And Boxes, but after we talked about the LTT screwdriver a few weeks ago, a ton of you told us that we should cover more.

Fortunately for us one of our Production Crew members pointed us to the Wera Instagram this week, where they announced new Fall and Winter 2022 tools, including this absolutely epic 8009 Zyklop Pocket Ratcheting screwdriver with a unique hex and anvil combo, just like the one found on the Bosch Freak. There were several other tools announced along with this sick 9700 Tool Rebel Roller Cabinet, which I’m pretty much gonna need to buy. If you’d like to see us cover more hand tool news like this, let me know in the comments.

Tools & Stuff | Heat Gun Shoot Off

Ok this episode is getting kind of long and we still have 5 more videos we want to cover, so we’re going to go into Turbo Overtime. Tools & Stuff set out to review 18V Heat Guns from DeWALT, Hikoki, Makita and Milwaukee, and only succeeded in raising the average temperature in New Zealand by just enough to cook a chook.

Torque Test Channel | Amazon Car Horns

The Torque testing team over at you know where, decided to buy a bunch of Amazon car horns, that claim decibels that would likely shatter the earth. They don’t. But if anything, this video is worth watching for the intro alone. Seriously, go watch it.

Tool Review Zone | FLEX Stack Pack

Clint over at Tool Review Zone built an impressive tower of FLEX Stack Pack, and tells you exactly why it’s better than the other guys.

Mark Thomas Builder | Milwaukee PACKOUT

Mark Thomas the Builder from the youtube channel, Mark Thomas Builder finally found a Home Depot with Milwaukee PACKOUT Cabinets in stock, so he bought one, and left it out in the rain for a few days. Not what I do with my new tools, but you do you Mark!

Shop Tool Reviews | Kobalt 24V Brushless Tools

and finally, Tim Johnson over at Shop Tool Reviews got 6 all new 24V Brushless power tools from Kobalt, and shared them all with us right here on Youtube. A few days later, his first full review of the Kobalt 24V Mid-Torque Impact Wrench went up, where he forced it to do unthinkable things, all in the name of science, and we appreciate it. Kobalt, like several other entry level or Value-Pro brands are making a solid case for inclusion in your work truck. To find out if big blue is worthy, head over to Shop Tool Reviews.

I want to thank FLEX and SPYDER for sponsoring this episode. Guys, we couldn’t do it without you. If you can, do something kind for someone else this weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

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