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Powers TriggerFoam Pro – Fire Block, AllSeason, Window & Door

 Available now are several new options in the Powers Fasteners line of professional TriggerFoam. Powers has had excellent expanding insulating Foam products, 29oz 08132N ($10/can) which include the disposable straw trigger with each can. The new TriggerFoam system required the use of a dispensing gun which is certainly not disposable. The Deluxe Trigger Gun 08128 ($119, Ohio Power Tool) themselves …

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Powers C5 Trak-It Gas Tool Wins the Shoot Out for Ohio Casino

Gas Fastening has become the standard for many construction professionals and one area we have seen a lot of innovation. Powers Fasteners at the 2011 STAFDA trade show announced the launch of their new Trak-It C5 Gas Tool ($699, Ohio Power Tool) along with a full line of new C5 Anchoring Pins. Each box of pins includes 800 which now …

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Bosch Stop Bits – Perfect Tool for setting Drop-In Anchors

  These new SDS-Plus Bosch Bits are specifically made to drill the exact depth of the most popular Drop-In anchors. This is a much better method of installing these type of drop-ins quickly and accurately every time. Joe from www.bethepro.com  does a great job of demonstration how these are used in this YouTube video with the Bosch press release below …

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Powers Fasteners Free Design Software & Estimator Tools

It is impressive how helpful the team from Powers Fasteners can be at times, they are very dedicated to supporting every level of users that would have interaction with their products from architect to installer. There are several useful resources you can find on the web, including detailed Training Videos for a variety of products as well as a handy Epoxy …

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PowerPatch Concrete Repair Kit from Powers Fasteners

I recently sat through an hour plus presentation on new building code compliance for “Cracked Concrete” and the different products available from Powers Fasteners. As you can imagine this was a thrilling endeavor but unlike the name might suggest, it had nothing to do with fixing cracks in concrete. Instead it was all about what different types of concrete fasteners that meet …

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