Bosch Stop Bits – Perfect Tool for setting Drop-In Anchors


These new SDS-Plus Bosch Bits are specifically made to drill the exact depth of the most popular Drop-In anchors. This is a much better method of installing these type of drop-ins quickly and accurately every time. Joe from  does a great job of demonstration how these are used in this YouTube video with the Bosch press release below that. If you are interested in purchasing some of these bits call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 or get them online under SDS-Plus Bosch Bits.

Mount Prospect, Ill. – In key masonry applications ranging from suspension of struts for electrical and air systems to hardware for overhead piping and sprinkler systems, Bosch Stop Bits bring precision, speed and professionalism to a task once marked by guess work and drill bits marked with tape. Applications are designed to incorporate drop-in anchors.

A steel collar on each bit marks the precise depth of the hole. Once the collar is flush with the concrete surface, the correct depth is reached.

Bosch offers a complete line of five carbide-tipped steel bits that include 3/8”, ½” and 5/8” sizes. Depths range from 13/16” to 2-1/16”. The size and depth range of the Bosch offering accommodates more than 80 percent of all requirements for drop-in anchors.

“The size and depth combinations prevent over-drilling and drilling into rebar,” said Andrew Pompei, product manager, masonry drilling, Bosch. “This is a better way for the professional user to install drop-in anchors properly and securely. These products speak not only to efficiency, but also safety.”

Bosch Stop Bits take the place of the manual depth gauge on rotary hammers, a feature many users disable. Drill bit maximum speed is 1100 rpm.

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