PowerPatch Concrete Repair Kit from Powers Fasteners

I recently sat through an hour plus presentation on new building code compliance for “Cracked Concrete” and the different products available from Powers Fasteners. As you can imagine this was a thrilling endeavor but unlike the name might suggest, it had nothing to do with fixing cracks in concrete. Instead it was all about what different types of concrete fasteners that meet the new codes for use in buildings today (even more exciting than you thought right). Powers does however make a great product for fast setting crack repairs in concrete floors and roads called PowerPatch. Also World of Concrete 2010 is only a few days and I need to bone up on my product knowledge.

The Concrete PowerPatch Kit ($153, Ohio Power Tool) is a 3 step process where an equal part A & B are mixed together then 3 times part C (aggregate) is added. The mix is incredibly fast acting and can be ready for road traffic in as little as 15 minutes. This product is idea for repairing heavy traffic sprall, patching bridge deck, walk-in freezer floor (cures in 60 minutes at 10°f), airport runways or patch prior to coating applications. The area does need to be very clean and dry before applying. Checkout the video below for more information:


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