Powers C5 Trak-It Gas Tool Wins the Shoot Out for Ohio Casino

Gas Fastening has become the standard for many construction professionals and one area we have seen a lot of innovation. Powers Fasteners at the 2011 STAFDA trade show announced the launch of their new Trak-It C5 Gas Tool ($699, Ohio Power Tool) along with a full line of new C5 Anchoring Pins. Each box of pins includes 800 which now also include a C5 Red Fuel Cell in each box. This simplifies everything and with the rechargeable battery lasting 4500 pins minimizes most of the downtime. The new C5 system works with all the Powers Stick-E installation accessories people have come to depend on at the jobsite. How does the new C5 compare to Hilti’s Gas Tool? They went head to head on the half billion dollar Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio, see who won in the potrion of the Powers press release we posted below the video.

Brewster, NY – Powers Trak-It C5 gas fastening tool went head to head with the competition at Penn National Gaming’s newest Hollywood Casino construction site in Columbus, Ohio. The comparison was conducted to judge the relative merits of three tools, determine the best performer, and select it for use during the $10 million framing phase on the project.

The jobsite contractor from Columbus, Ohio, conducted the comparison using criteria such as ease of use, reliability and overall convenience. The C5 tool was rated superior in all categories with special note of its light weight, superior power of 105 Joules, and long battery life. The C5 gas was also determined to be reliable in the cold Ohio weather.

The ergonomically designed swing trigger was found to be easy to use with its light pull load of 2.65 lbs. During the shoot-out the C5 tool never experienced a jam, impressing the contractor with its dependability in the field.

Overall the Trak-It C5 was rated best, showing once again, that Powers’ fastening innovations out-muscle the competition on the job site.

For any questions on Powers Fasteners anchors, Trak-It C5 gun, pins, Stick-E or installation questions call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424. Their website pricing is for single box quantity, for volume discount quotes and other considerations we would also recommend calling.   

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