Powers Fasteners Free Design Software & Estimator Tools

It is impressive how helpful the team from Powers Fasteners can be at times, they are very dedicated to supporting every level of users that would have interaction with their products from architect to installer. There are several useful resources you can find on the web, including detailed Training Videos for a variety of products as well as a handy Epoxy Volume Estimator to help more accurately calculate amounts of Powers Chemical Anchors required for any given job.

The product that impressed us most however was the Powers Design Assist (PDA) Software which is built for architects and engineers to use in the early design stages. The software put technical data into a real-time environment and helps you visualize, consider and specify anchors in today’s changing engineering climate. Did we mention it’s completely Free software to download (click the link above) which you wouldn’t even need to use Powers Fasteners to find helpful.

If you have any specific questions on Powers Fasteners products, another excellent resource for professional support would be Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email [email protected]     


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