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Powermatic CNC Router Coming Soon!!

The woodworking CNC is not a new technology for manufacturing but in recent years has seen a huge spike in interest for small shops and home use. Access to the software like SketchUp and being able to watch hundreds of hours on YouTube pretty much gives free access to anyone who wants in. Most Maker Spaces across the country will …

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Powermatic ICFF Future of Furniture Makers Contest

Woodworking is a craft we’ve heard folks over the years show concern as to what the future might hold. With so many skilled craftsmen retiring from the trade, will there still be a anyone left in professional woodworking? Contests like this one from the Powermatic, ICFF and The Furniture Society generate interest and with a prize like a Powermantic PM1500 …

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Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw, Same High Quality Now in 110V

Recently we had an opportunity to check out the new Powermatic Table Saw PM1000 ($1999, Ohio Power Tool) first hand at the Jet/Powermatic media event. Known for their high quality Powermatic Table Saws such as the PM2000 & PM3000 like the tag line says “set the gold standard” however both require more power than your standard 110V wall outlet. The …

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