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Woodworking is a craft we’ve heard folks over the years show concern as to what the future might hold. With so many skilled craftsmen retiring from the trade, will there still be a anyone left in professional woodworking? Contests like this one from the Powermatic, ICFF and The Furniture Society generate interest and with a prize like a Powermantic PM1500 ($2899) will certainly help at least 1 woodworker tremendously. This is a People’s Choice contest so make sure to vote for your favorite, See Contest Entries Here!

While it is true many craftsmen are retiring from trade there has been a shift which has put an incredibly amount of information, tutorials and videos about woodworking online. It would seem the knowledge is more readily available now than ever before and with more and more co-operatives Maker Spaces like the Columbus Idea Foundry and Build More Workshops (2 in Columbus, Oh along!) popping up the access to high quality tools and equipment is also easier than ever before. From what we are seeing the future of woodworking looks very promising for those that want to get in!

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