Jet and Powermatic Return with 15% Off Woodworking Coupon

jet 15 off sale

Although winter is usually prime time for woodworkers, any time of the year is a good time for a deal, which is why I am happy to announce that Powermatic and Jet are having a one-week-only sale on select woodworking tools running from 2/28/14 to 3/10/14.

The 15% discount is only for Jet woodworking and Powermatic tools, and has the added exception of most of their newest models. Be sure to use the coupon code WOODWORKING at checkout to take advantage of your 15% discount. Standard freight rates apply. Remember that the promotion does not start until February 28th, so the coupon code will not work until then.

powermatic 15 off sale

If you have had your eye on that next special item for your shop, like the top-of-the-line table saw you have always wanted, the dust collector you have always needed, or the miniature lathe to start you down the road to wood turning, 15% off an already low price is as good of a reason as any to pull the trigger.

As always, if you have any questions about this promotion or any of the great JET or Powermatic tools that are out there, you can dial (800) 242-4424 and talk to a pro at Ohio Power Tool. See below for a complete listing of the tools on that are eligible for the discount

Powermatic PWBS 14″ Bandsaw 1791216K
Powermatic PM1800 18″ 5HP Bandsaw 1791800
Jet 18″ Wood/Metal Bandsaw VBS-18MW 414418
Jet J-8201K 14″ Wood/Metal Vertical Bandsaw 414500K
Jet 14″ Woodworking Open Stand Bandsaw JWBS-140S 708113A
Jet 14″ Woodworking Closed Stand Bandsaw JWBS-14CS 708115K
Jet 20″ Woodworking Bandsaw JWBS-20QT-3 708754B
Jet 14″ Woodworking Deluxe Pro Bandsaw JWBS-14DXPRO 710116K
Jet Woodworking Heavy-Duty B3NCH 10″ Bandsaw JWBS-100S 707200
Jet Woodworking JDP-12 Heavy-Duty B3NCH 12″ Variable Speed Drill Press 707300
Jet Woodworking JJP-8BT Heavy-Duty B3NCH 8″ Planer/Jointer 707400
Jet Woodworking JJP-10BTOS Heavy-Duty B3NCH 10″ Planer/Jointer 707410
Powermatic PM2000 30″ Cabinet Saw 3HP 1792002K
Powermatic PM2003 30″ Cabinet Saw w/ Rout-R-Lift 3HP 1792003K
Powermatic PM2005 50″ Cabinet Saw 3 Phase 5HP 1792005K
Powermatic PM2000 50″ Cabinet Saw 5HP w/ Workbench 1792017K
Jet JDS-12B 12″ Disc Sander 708432K
Jet Woodworking 15″ JDP-15MF Floor Mount Drill Press 354166
Jet Woodworking 17″ JDP-17DX Floor Mount Drill Press w/ Deluxe Table 354173
Jet 16-32 PLUS 16″ Drum Sander w/ Open Stand 629004K
Jet 22-44 PLUS 22″ Drum Sander w/ Open Stand 649004K
Jet 22-44 PRO Drum Sander w/ 22″ Drum and Digital Readout 649600
Powermatic PM1300 Dust Collector w/ Bag Filter Kit 1791078K
Powermatic PM1300 Dust Collector with Canister Kit 1791079K
Powermatic PM1900 3HP Dust Collector w/ Bag Filter Kit 1792071K
Powermatic PM1900 3HP Dust Collector w/ Canister Kit 1792072K
Jet DC-1100VX-CK Dust Collector 708659K
Jet DC-1200VX-BK1 Dust Collector 710701K
Jet DC-1200VX-CK1 Dust Collector w/ Canister 710702K
Powermatic PM1200 Air Filtration System 1791330
Powermatic PJ882 8″ Parallelogram Jointer w/ Standard Knives 1610079
Powermatic PJ882HH 8″ Parallelogram Jointer w/ Helical Cutterhead 1610082
Powermatic 60C 8″ Jointer 1610084K
Powermatic 60HH 8″ Jointer w/ Helical Head Cutter 1610086K
Powermatic 54A 6″ Deluxe Jointer w/ Quick-Set Knives 1791279DXK
Powermatic 54HH 6″ Jointer w/ Helical Cutterhead 1791317K
Jet 6″ Deluxe Long Bed Jointer JJ-6CSDX w/ Quick Set Knives 708457DXK
Jet JJ-6CSX 6″ Closed Stand Jointer 708457K
Jet 8″ Jointer JJ-8CS w/ Closed Stand 708458K
Jet 6″ Long Bed Jointer JJ-6HHDX w/ Helical Head 708466DXK
Jet 8″ Jointer JJ-8HH w/ Helical Head 708468K
Powermatic 3520B Wood Lathe 1352001
Jet JWL-1236 12″ x 36″ Woodworking Lathe 708352
Jet JWL-1442VSK 14″ x 42″ Woodworking Lathe 708358K
Jet JWL-1642EVS 16″ x 42″ 115V Input Woodworking Lathe 708359
Jet JWL-1642EVS-2 16″ x 42″ 230V Input Woodworking Lathe 708360
Jet JML-1014I Mini Woodworking Lathe w/ Six Speeds & Indexing 708375
Powermatic Tilt Table Mortiser 719T with Stand 1791264K
Powermatic PM701 Benchtop Deluxe Mortiser 1791310
Jet JBM-5 Benchtop Mortiser 708580
Powermatic 15S 15″ Planer with Spiral Cutterhead 1791210
Powermatic 15HH 15″ Planer with Helical Cutterhead 1791213
Powermatic 209 20″ Planer 1791296
Powermatic 209 20″ Planer w/ Helical Cutterhead 1791315
Jet 13″ Planer/Molder JPM-13CS Combination Machine 708524
Jet JWP-208-1 20″ Woodworking Planer 708528
Jet JWP-160S 16″ Woodworking Planer 708531
Jet 15″ Woodworking Planer JWP-15DX w/ Quick Change Knives 708538
Jet 15″ Woodworking Planer JWP-15HH w/ Helical Head 708543
Jet 20″ Woodworking Planer JWP-208HH-1 w/ Helical Head 708544
Jet JJP-12 12″ Planer/Jointer Combination Machine w/ Standard Blades 708475
Jet JJP-12HH 12″ Planer/Jointer Combination Machine w/ Helical Blades 708476
Powermatic DDS225 25″ Dual Drum Sander 1791290
Jet 10-20 PLUS 10″ Benchtop Drum Sander 628900
Jet OES-80CS Horizontal/Vertical Edge Sander 708447
Jet JSG-960S Combination 6″ x 48″ Belt/ 9″ Disc Sander 708596K
Jet JSG-6DCK Combination 6″ x 48″ Belt/ 12″ Disc Sander 708599K
Powermatic PM2700 3HP Shaper 1280100C
Powermatic PM2700 5HP Shaper 1280101C
Jet JWS-25X 2 Speed 25X Woodworking Shaper w/ Aluminum Fence 708309
Jet JWS-22CS 1-1/2HP Woodworking Shaper 708320
Jet JWS-25CS 3HP Woodworking Shaper 708322
Jet JWS-35X3-1 4 Speed 35X Woodworking Shaper w/ Aluminum Fence 708323
Jet JBOS-5 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander 708404
Jet JOVS-10 Oscillating Spindle Sander 708411
Powermatic 64B 30″ Tablesaw 1791229K
Powermatic 64B 50″ Tablesaw 1791230K
Jet JTAS-10XL-DX 10″ Deluxe Xacta Tablesaw 3HP w/ 30″ Rip Capacity 708674PK
Jet JTAS-10XL-DX 10″ Deluxe Xacta Tablesaw 3HP w/ 50″ Rip Capacity 708675PK
Jet JTAS-10XL-DX 10″ Deluxe Xacta Tablesaw 5HP w/ 30″ Rip Capacity 708676PK
Jet JTAS-10XL-DX 10″ Deluxe Xacta Tablesaw 5HP w/ 50″ Rip Capacity 708677PK
Jet JTAS-10XL-DX 10″ Deluxe Xacta Tablesaw 3HP w/ Downdraft Table 708678PK
Jet JTAS-10XL-DX 10″ Deluxe Xacta Tablesaw 5HP w/ Downdraft Table 708679PK

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