Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw, Same High Quality Now in 110V

Powermatic PM1000

Recently we had an opportunity to check out the new Powermatic Table Saw PM1000 ($1999, Ohio Power Tool) first hand at the Jet/Powermatic media event. Known for their high quality Powermatic Table Saws such as the PM2000 & PM3000 like the tag line says “set the gold standard” however both require more power than your standard 110V wall outlet. The reality is even good size shops equipped with 220v aren’t going to have an unlimited ability to add 220v machinery. Many home/garage shops might not even be equipped with any 220v and until now the fit & finish on most 110v table saws have just not been at that extremely high quality level like you would see in a flag ship table saw like the Powermatic PM2000.


The Powermatic PM1000 however really looks to change that picture with the only real difference coming in the smaller but still very smooth and powerful 1-3/4 HP, 15 amp motor. Statistically all the same blade/cut capacities as its big brother and absolutely the same attention to detail and quality we would expect. The PM1000 should satisfy the needs of both the extremely dedicated hobbyists and professionals alike. For additional information on Powermatic and other woodworking equipment contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424. The full Powermatic PM1000 press release is below the video along with some additional close up photos we had the opportunity to take.

LaVergne, TN ─ Woodworkers, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers in the market for a new saw may want to take a good look at Powermatic’s latest gold standard addition, the PM1000 Table Saw. The PM1000 evolves from the superior line of PM2000 and PM3000 table saws. It offers many of the same features and benefits of a full-size cabinet saw yet operates at 115V, so the shop or garage doesn’t have to be wired for 230V service.

PM1000 Table saw

“We see the PM1000 as the bridge for woodworkers who want to move up to a cabinet saw,” said Joan Duvall, Director of Product Management─ Wood.  “It’s loaded with features and meets the historic Powermatic gold standard in performance and value. It’s the right choice for woodworkers wanting to upgrade their current saw without overtaxing their woodworking budgets.”

PM1000 Table Saw

The 10” PM1000 will be available in two models: The #1791000K, with cast iron tabletop and a 30” maximum rip capacity to the right of the blade, and the #1791001K model with cast iron top and extension table with 52” rip capacity to the right. The PM1000 is equipped with a blade guard assembly and riving knives to help reduce kickback.

Powermatic PM1000

Powermatic has a longstanding reputation and tradition of building quality, performance-minded woodworking machinery that embodies smart design features, innovation and functionality.  The PM1000 is no exception.  Its heavy-duty front and rear trunnions provide stability and rigidity, while reducing vibration.

A 1-3/4 hp, single-phase induction motor drives the machine and incorporates a poly-V belt drive system for smooth transfer of power with less vibration for maximum efficiency.  Poly-V belts are superior to standard v-belts because they reduce vibration and slippage.  They also are considered more durable, for longer belt life.  An oversized pushbutton on/off switch is conveniently located below the table top.  It incorporates a removable magnetic key to avoid unauthorized use of the saw.

The saw’s cabinet base is fully enclosed and incorporates a rear 4” dust port and hinged motor cover for easy access. Dependable, ergonomically-designed 7” chrome-plated, cast iron hand wheels set blade height and bevel adjustments.  The saw’s large bevel scale is easy to read.

Powermatic’s pushbutton arbor lock sets up quick blade changes with a single wrench, which is included.  No need to fuss and fumble with two wrenches when changing blades.

The saw’s cast iron table top with beveled edge is precision ground. T-slot channels on either side of the blade support the large 60° miter gauge with preset detents at 0, 30 and 45°.  A pair of expander mechanisms in the gauge’s guide bar helps eliminate side-to-side play in the T-slot, plus the guide bar has a disk that engages the channel to prevent it from lifting during a cut.

Powermatic’s Accu-Fence incorporates a pair of 5/8” thick rigid polyethylene slabs with exceptional lubricity that allow wood to slide easily and predictably. The face can be adjusted vertically to ride flush with the table top surface or rise just above it.  The single handle locking mechanism is constructed of powder-coated steel.  The fence moves from side to side effortlessly along the saw’s guide tube and rails.

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