Powermatic CNC Router Coming Soon!!

Woodworking CNC Router

The woodworking CNC is not a new technology for manufacturing but in recent years has seen a huge spike in interest for small shops and home use. Access to the software like SketchUp and being able to watch hundreds of hours on YouTube pretty much gives free access to anyone who wants in. Most Maker Spaces across the country will teach classes for a more hands on approach and once you’ve got the basics down will rent you time on a CNC to really get your feet wet. In Columbus of course check out our friends at the Idea Foundry, you’ll be building your own open source furniture by month’s end.

Once you’ve found comfort in the craft of CNC design for production and are ready to invest a good chunk of change into a high quality woodworking machine there is no better name than Powermatic. They are doing a little pre-release promotion as the “CNC for the True Craftsman” which as you would expect from the Gold Standard this is not going to be the low cost option. Powermatic has spent the time to get it right.

More information and Pre-Order opportunities for the Powermatic CNC will be available shortly through Ohio Power Tool. If you’ve got any questions on any Powermatic machines in the meantime give the pros a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help.

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