In 1924, The Mitchell Electric Handsaw Company created the very first Portable Circular Saw, powered with a unique gearing system utilizing a worm drive. They called this new portable wonder, the Skilsaw.

By 1937, the first Skilsaw Model 77 arrived, laying the foundation for a series of 77s that would play a critical part in building our nation. And now, 82 years later, Skilsaw the company, offers a full line of circular saws, beam saws, carpentry chainsaws and more.

It’s Friday February 28th 2020 and this is what is coming up next on the Week In Review. The Cordless Sawsquatch won’t quit, TRZ puts 10″ up against 12″, and Robillard clamps a pipe, This is the Power Tool Week In Review. Before we get into the news, we want to take a moment to talk about one of our …

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