There were SERIOUS doubts about putting a battery on this. BUT THEY DID IT. Power Tool News S3E51

We get to see EGOs insane new Zero turn, We get A closer look at the all-new Milwaukee Rocket, and a smartphone built for the job site.  This… is your Power tool week in review.

Kite Army / Stan The Dirt Monkey Ganadek – EGO ZERO Turn Z6

Earlier this week, EGO finally gave us our first look at the all new EGO Z6 Zero Turn riding mower, and the next day, Andrew from Kite Army and Stan the Dirt Monkey posted reviews of some early prototypes, and oh boy. I NEED THIS in my life.

If you’re familiar with these two guys, you already know how these videos go. Stan immediately takes this residential mower into 12ft grass, and Andrew uses it’s 8mph top speed to run from the cops.

They both did a fantastic job showing off this amazing new mower. Andrew featured it’s dexterity by knocking over cones and ended up mowing all of his neighbor’s lawns. At the end of the day, he was pretty happy with this new toy. Stan kept pushing the mower further and further into ridiculous territory, and the Z6 never gave up. Both of these guys came away impressed, and after watching both videos, I immediately put my kidney on Craigslist. Be sure to swing by Kite Army and Stan The Dirt Monkey Genadek on YouTube.

Tool Box Buzz – Milwaukee Gen 2 M18 Rocket Light

The guys at Tool Box Buzz got a hold of the new 2nd Gen M18 Rocket Tower Light, and this is gonna shock you. They loved it. The new Light is a portable light tower that pumps out 6000 lumens, from a max height of 7’. It quickly folds up into a 4’ package, and can charge your M18 batteries when it’s plugged in. But every time we hear anyone talk about this rocket, the only complaint is always the same. Price. At  $600 as a kit, yeah, that’s a lot. But Rob suggested we look at it differently. (5:38  “I put this in a category you get what you pay for, It’s an investment. You get superior quality, significantly improved portability, fold up, fold out. Cordless. Better constructed LED diodes with true color. More durable, stable, lower center of gravity platform tripod, AC/DC power and a battery charger! For the full review head over to Tool Box Buzz on YouTube.

Tools in Action / Stan The Dirt Monkey Genadek – Skilsaw 10 1/4″ Circular Saw

Skilsaw revealed their awesome new cordless Sawsquach, which some you noticed on our set last week and the boys at Tools In Action invited Stan the Dirt Monkey over to try it out. The new 10 and ¼” in circular saw isn’t just big, it’s a big deal. Never has there been a cordless saw with this much capacity, or the power needed to cut through a staggering 4 sheets of ¾” plywood at a time. But if anyone can do it, SKILSAW can. Also known as the saw that built America, the wormdrive powered 7 ¼” version was Skilsaw’s first cordless tool last year, and the first ot use the new TRUE HVL battery platform. Now the SawSquach is the 2nd. The TIA Crew and Stan were all thoroughly impressed with the new saw, and decided that although it’s a bit heavy, it pays off with new capabilities. For the full video, head over to tools in action on YouTube. 

Sparky Channel – Congratulations

Many of you will remember that back in February of this year, one of our favorite industry channels here on YouTube was hacked. That was Bill, and the Sparky Channel. Bill posted a video on February 21st, sharing the story of how his channel was hacked, leading to the loss of 934 videos and 182,000 subscribers. But Bill was determined to carry on, starting from SCRATCH, with a new account. He’s been posting his typical fantastic electrician content ever since. And now 10 months later, he’s back up to over 65k subscribers, with almost 4.5 million views. He’s growing that fast, because his content is that good. Congratulations Bill! YouTube is a better place because you chose to persevere. If you guys are not yet subbed to Sparky Channel, do yourself a favor and head over there next.

Construction Junkie – Construction Industry News

Smartphones are getting more and more durable thanks to gorilla glass, emu hide, and rino frames. Some of that I made up. But is your smartphone tough enough for the jobsite?

CAT, the same people who brought you the big yellow thing, and the OOOOO I want one, has been making ultra-rugged smartphones for a couple years now. This week they announced a new addition to that line, that’s just as durable but far more affordable than its predecessors. 

This is the CAT S42, and I’m going to tell you right now that NO, it’s not yellow, and NO, there’s no excuse for that. I’m telling you upfront because if I didn’t you’d be so distracted by the injustice of a Black CAT phone, that you wouldn’t hear any of the details. 

This Android-powered phone sports a 5.5” display, 1.8Ghz quadcore cpu, 3gb of ram and a 4200mAh battery. The part that makes it CAT, is the IP68 rated body that can be dropped up to 6ft onto steel, and a non-slip rubberised TPU cover that makes dropping it 6ft less likely. 

And at $260 bucks, it’s certainly affordable. But none of this really matters because it’s not Yellow. Someone from CAT needs to answer for this. To read the full articles and for the rest of your Construction Industry News, head over to Construction

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