WHY would Milwaukee send a 12V FUEL Multitool to a 18V head 2 head?! They DID. Power Tool News S3E49

Milwaukee sent a 12V tool to an 18V fight. Clint finds 17 DeWALT tools you haven’t, and Flex, flexes it’s power. This is your Power tool week in review.

Skill Builder – Milwaukee M12 Multi Tool

Have you been watching the Multi Tool head 2 head series over on Skill Builder? Then you already know exactly what this next video is like… but with more Milwaukee this time. So far they’ve been producing detailed reviews of the best 18V Multi Tools on the market, but apparently Milwaukee said “Oh yeah? You should put our 12V version in the same race.” Which is, really ballsey, even for Milwaukee. Lucky for us Mr. Bisby agreed to the challenge and put the new M12 FUEL multi tool to the test. He’s not willing to share the results of the 9 tool shootout just yet, but was willing to say that Milwaukee’s choice to send the M12 instead of the M18, showed a great amount of confidence in their M12 platform, and that confidence was NOT misplaced. Still 3 more videos to come before the results are announced, so go get subscribed at Skil. Builder on YouTube. 

Shop Tool Reviews – FLEX XFE 15 Polisher

FLEX, is likely not a brand you’ve heard much about. They make a near legendary line of buffers that are very popular in The high end car, detailing market here in the states, but they’re just HUGE in Europe. And this week Tim Johnson gave us a detailed look at their Flex XFE-15-150 18V Polisher, and challenged it to handle paint correction. Tim previously shot a Best Orbital Polisher Shootout, and the top two spots were held by Flex, including the XFE 15. But handling paint correction is not a small job. To properly test it, he handed it to his buddy Chase, from Michael’s Auto Detailing to see if it’s up to the task. Paint correction involves removing swirls and scratches  through aggressive polishing that levels the paint down to the depth of the scratch before applying a ceramic coating, and to do that you need more power than most battery powered tools can provide. But is the Flex up to the job? You’re going to be surprised. To see for yourself, head over to Shop Tool Reviews on YouTube. 

Oz Tool Talk – Makita 40V Max Grinder

Speaking of overpowered tools, Makita continues to bless the rest of the world with their new 40v tools, while leaving those of us here in the states, without. Fortunately we know a couple of talented tradies who got their hands on the new Makita 40V Grinder. This is Dingo and Roo, from Oz Tool Talk The boys got a hold of the Makita 40V Max Ga013G XGT grinder, and absolutely fell for the power. But they didn’t just put the tool to the test, they also took time to debate the merit of Makita’s choice to create this all new battery platform. If you’re as confused as we are about the XGT line of tools, this is a great video to watch. Mike and Dwayne propose several scenarios where a new over powered tool platform would make a ton of sense for the jobsite, but also point out that they have yet to try the other tools in the series. Makita has a reputation for building the best Impacts in the world, which means the 40V version has some enormous shoes to fill. They say more XGT reviews are coming, so be sure to subscribe to Oz Tool Talk. 

Tool Review Zone – 17 DeWALT Tools

 Let’s head to the Tool Review Zone with Clint, where he’s found 17 DeWALT tools that you probably didn’t know existed. Probably. Ok if you’re a DeWALT fan, you’re likely going to know that most of these exist, but there were a few that even we had never heard of, including the fast wireless phone charger, a decent power washer, a series of walkie talkies, a sweet looking shop Stool and an 8V gyroscopic screwdriver, which after watching, I’m still not sure what that is. But I want it! For the full list head over to the Tool Review Zone on YouTube. 

Construction Junkie – Construction Industry News

It’s time again for your Construction Industry News, courtesy of the Construction Junkie.


It’s that time of year again, when we all pull our hair out trying to come up with the perfect gift for the construction worker in our life, well this year you can keep those luscious locks and use the Construction Junkie ultimate construction holiday gift guide instead.

No matter the price range, Shane found a great collection of incredible options you’re hard working friend or family member will love, like this Malco MSHXLC 6in reversible and cleanable ¼” and 5/16” magnetic hex drive… YES. Or what about these Keen Chicagos, the boots not the musical, with carbon fiber insert. OR even this Klein ET310 2 in 1 nose hair trimmer and many more. For the full list you know where to go.


Who wants to see a giant building pah-splode? Recently the world record for tallest building demolished by explosives was broken in Abu Dhabi by a Scottish demolition team called Safedem. They brought down the 46 floor, 541 ft tall Mina Plaza Complex, and normally we’re provided with 48 different views of the explosion in glorious 4k, but this time, we get a 2 minute documentary, with one shot of the explosion, in less than glorious 360p resolution. Oh it gets better. There’s one other angle, but it’s only 720p and it’s vertical video.

To find that “video”, the gift guide, and the rest of your Construction Industry News, head over to Construction Junkie.com

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