Milwaukee launches a NEW ROCKET with GEN 2! But is 6000 lumens enough? Power Tool News S3E45

DeWALT gives us more options than we want, Kyle shows off his new pouch and Travis gets his hands on the brightest thing from Milwaukee. This… is your Power tool week in review.

Welcome back power tool fans. I’m Rob, it’s November 6th, 2020, and today we’re going to cover the latest power tool news, and point out the best tool videos of the week. Sarah is on vacation this week, but before she left, she asked if you guys would be kind enough to punch that like button for her! Lets get to the news.

Tools By Design – Milwaukee Rocket Tower Lights

Travis over at Tools by Design has been using his Milwaukee Rocket Tower Light for over 3 years now, and this week he got his hands on the new version, and shows us all 6000 lumens. It’s always good news when Milwaukee announces an upgrade to an already popular tool, so when they announced the new M18 rocket 6000 lumen tower light, we assumed it’ll be a significant improvement over the previous model. Travis confirms this for us by giving you a very detailed look at the new ergonomics, and even takes all 3 of Milwaukee’s rocket lights outside to give you a better sense of what 6000 lumens looks like. The new Rocket Tower Light is available now, but if you still need a bit of convincing, check out Tools by Design on YouTube.

Workshop Addict – DeWALT Flexvolt / Flexvolt Advantage

The boys at Workshop Addict are still trying to make sense of the DeWALT Flexvolt, Flexvolt Advantage and Power Detect mess. This time, comparing a Flexvolt recip to an almost identical Flexvolt Advantage version.

From only 2 ft away, you’d think these were the same saw. Both have 0-3000 strokes per minute with an 1 and ⅛” stroke. Neither one is oscillating, they have the same quick change blade system. The only real difference is one is a 60V tool, while the other is a 20V tool that “Takes advantage” of the Flexvolt batteries. Oh, and the 20V version weighs a pound more. Must be packed with an extra pound of DeWALT toughness. These saws perform almost the same, cost almost the same, and look like twins. I have no clue which one to buy. But you may figure it out, just head over to workshop addict on YouTube.

RR Buildings – Martinez / Atlas 46 Tool Belt

Kyle from RR Buildings is back helping us choose the best tools based his experience hanging off of post frame buildings, and as you can imagine, it’s important to him that he keeps those tools close.

This is a Universal Tool Pouch born of a collaboration between Martinez and Atlas 46. Kyle has been helping them prototype this pouch for some time now, and it’s finally ready for the rest of us. IT’s constructed out of rugged 1000D Cordura, features 2 D-Rings for lanyards, a place for your tape, pencils, hammer, and several other special slots and pouches for specific tools and fasteners. It has proven to be perfect for Kyle, and to find out if it’d be perfect for you, head over to RR Buildings on YouTube.

Construction Junkie – Construction Industry news

It’s time again for your Construction Industry News, courtesy of the Construction Junkie.

So you’re the city of Shanghai in China. And thanks to a never ending explosion of growth, you’re slowly destroying your history. What’s a city to do? Well a company called Shanghai Evolution Shift (not a drifting club) has a unique solution. Instead of destroying historical buildings, let’s give them legs and walk them someone they can continue to live. These are Robotic leg supports, they used to walk this 85 year old primary school, about 200 feet, out of the way of the relentless march of expansion. Using a total of 198 feet to this thing, they were able to move the 5 story, 7,600 ton school at the speed of 11 ft per day, which is still faster then our election process. So I guess that’s something.

And finally, when’s the last time you used remote controlled skid steers to play PAC-MAN on a 29,000 square foot game board. Well it’s time to do it again. CAT, the construction equipment maker, not the animal, is back making gigantic games with it’s gigantic machines. In past years they’ve created a giant Jenga game with 600lb blocks and the world’s first moving golf course on the backs of their dump trucks. This time around they dug out a perfectly scaled PAC-MAN maze, which you can play using a remotely controlled CAT Skid steers. Why? If you’re asking, you just don’t get it. To watch these videos and for the rest of your construction industry news, head over to Construction

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