That is NOT what your drill is for! Power Tool Accessories that CHANGE what your tools do! S4E5

This week, we’re gonna look at some crazy accessories that totally change your power tools, plus, Tool Box Buzz checks in with Makita, and Kyle gets a new tool we all want but can’t have. THIS is your power tool week in review.

Tool Box Buzz – Makita 4 years later

Our first stop is with Rob Robillard over at Tool Box Buzz, who has used several Makita tools on the job site for the last 4 years, and today, he’s telling us if he’s happy or not.

Rob takes a look back at his original reviews of the Makita drywall cutout saw, their Compact cordless router, and his obvious favorite, the Makita 6 ½” Track Saw. Tool reviews are a dime a dozen these days, and most seem to cover a weekend of use. But in this case, Rob made these tools permanent members of his remodeling crew, and properly put them to work for 4 years. If you’re going to find a flaw in any of these tools, you’ll do it in 4 years of hard labor. Rob ends up sharing a ton of great insight into these Makita tools, and if you watch, I promise you’ll learn something. Head over to Tool Box Buzz for the full follow up.

RR Buildings – New Kubota

We’ve been watching Kyle over at RR Buildings for years now, somehow entranced by a pair of guys building post frame buildings. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Anyways, this week he took a break from building to show off a new tool, and you’re gonna want one.

That is Kyle’s new Kubota KX040-4 Compact Excavator. Through a partnership with Kubota, they sent him this “tiny” excavator to try out this year, and Kyle is acting the way I do when I get a new circular saw. I realize that most of us will never have a need for a KX40, but it sure it fun to live vicariously through Kyle, which is what we usually do when we watch his content. Kyle is thrilled so far with his new toy, suggesting it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but if I’m being honest here, I feel like there are already been several things better than sliced bread, like chai tea lattes and canceling plans at the last minute. But yeah, that Kubota takes the cake. For the full review head over to RR Buildings. 

Doresoom Tool Reviews – M18 Fuel Oscillating Multitool

Recently the new Milwaukee M12 Multi-Tool has got a lot of attention, specifically making a splash over at Skil Builder where it was fighting WAY out of its weight class. But our buddy Nate over at Doresoom Tool Reviews reminded us this week that there’s an even more powerful option from Milwaukee.

That’s the all new M18 FUEL Oscillating Multitool, and yeah, it’s bigger, more powerful, and Nate seems to like it alot. He pairs it up with the previous non-fuel version to directly compare the two and he finds the new one more capable while producing far less vibration. To be honest, I was only expecting the FUEL update to include the usual FUEL features like a more powerful motor, and better battery management, but Nate found a whole list of improvements that you’re gonna want to know about before making your purchase. You can find the full review over at Doresoom Tool Reviews.

Tool Talk

Alright it’s time for some Tool Talk guys. Last week we talked about a new battery technology from a startup in Isreal, that promises super fast charging time, and we asked you if you thought it would change the world. 

There were many reminders that simply being able to fill a battery quickly, doesn’t mean our outlets can handle it. James Bruce pointed out “If charging in an hour requires 100W, then charging the same amount in 10 seconds would require 36,000 watts, or 150amps.” which is a good point.

On the other hand, Rob Shapiro thinks we’re all sissys, and suggests we all hit the gym and carry bigger batteries. Good suggestion, but I don’t wanna.

This week’s Tool Talk is about accessories that change the function of your tool entirely. 

I don’t change a lot of oil filters, so you can understand my confusion when I first saw this Oil Filter Wrench on the end of an impact. I’ll have you know that 98% of all comments on that reddit post are understandably angry people calling for the head of the jerk who used and impact to overtighten that filter. 

So our question this week… What accessory do you love that changes the use of your power tool? Maybe the Prazi attachment that turns your circular saw into a carpenter’s chainsaw, or maybe the Spyder scraper blades for your recip saw. Or what about the Southwire knockout kit for your drill that normally drills holes, but instead can punch holes for only $1200 more. Let me know in the comments after the show.

Last week we interviewed some really smart people from EGO, which you can watch right here. Special thanks to SKIL and OPT

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