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Milwaukee M12 Flashlight Is the Best Among Tool Companies

Milwaukee’s commitment to LED lighting continues with the introduction of the M12 LED Metal Flashlight. Targeting Maglite users, these flashlights sell at a higher price point (2355-20, $99) than non-rechargable flashlights, but the LED means you will never have to pay to replace a bulb, and the M12 means that you will never pay for another pack of D-cells again.

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BIG ASS GARAGE LIGHT, Lives Up to Its Name with 13,000 lumens

The guys at Big Ass Fans have really changed the way we think of air moving in warehouses, gyms and large industrial spaces in general. They somehow gave the mystique of coolness to what had been a commodity and oh yeah made them way more functional. The guys at Big Ass headquarters have now set their sights on LED lighting …

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Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light 2351-20 – First Look

This new Milwaukee LED light is actually the third option in the Milwaukee M12 lineup but offers some unique features over the other two more traditional flashlights. The 2351-20 has 3 LED lights that product 220 lumens to really illuminate a wider work area. The multi-position hook on the back also helps secure the light in place so you can …

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