Dewalt’s 20V MAX 500 & 1500 lumen LED Lighting Solutions DCL050 / DCL060

Dewalt 20V LEDs

At the rate in which LED lighting is becoming cheaper, brighter and requiring less energy we may soon see all our jobsites illuminated by battery powered LEDs. The new Dewalt DCL050 ($69) can provide up to 17 hour runtime in low setting of 250 lumens which is about equal to most competitors task lights. The light also has a 500 lumen setting which can really brighten an area for a full workday and then some. With 140 degree pivot head and 360 rotating hook it should be easy to position this light on any task. If you need more light to illuminate a larger work area the DCL060 ($99) / DCL061 ($119) offer 1500 lumens of power which can run for up to 2.5 hours on a single 20V MAX battery. Here are all the current Dewalt LED Worklights, see the full Dewalt press releases below for more details on the new models.   

DCL050 – TOWSON, Md. – DEWALT introduces its new 20V MAX* LED Hand-Held Area light, ideal for professionals looking for a portable lighting solution for the jobsite. The DCL050 has a rubber over-mold for a sure grip during hand-held use or can be placed on flat surfaces to use.  The 140-degree pivoting head allows the user to illuminate surfaces above or below their work area. “Through our research, we learned that professionals were in need of a portable, durable, versatile, cool running lighting solution.  The DCL050 fulfills all these needs on the jobsite,” says Tracy Moran, Product Manager, DEWALT. “

The DCL050 has 2 brightness settings of 500 and 250 lumens to provide flexibility for maximum light output or extended runtime.  The area light includes 2 LED’s for maximum light output and provides up to 17 hours of runtime with a 4.0Ah 20V MAX* battery. The LEDs are incased in an over-molded, non-marking lens cover that provides protection and durability when using the work light in tough jobsite conditions.

For convenience, the work light includes a 360-degree rotating hook that gives users the ability to operate the area light hands-free. The unit can be hung in various locations on the jobsite and can be hung from 2X materials.

The DCL050 20V MAX* lithium ion LED area light will have a suggested retail of $69.00 and will be available in June wherever DEWALT products are sold. The DCL050 comes standard with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

DCL060 / DCL061 – TOWSON, Md. – DEWALT introduces two new professional-grade lighting solutions for the jobsite with the DCL060 (DC only) and DCL061 (AC / DC) LED area lights. These area lights are ideal for contractors who perform applications in dark or poorly lit work environments, including residential and commercial jobsites. Users will find that the light output by both the DCL060 and DCL061 is comparable to halogens, but with significantly less heat output. “DEWALT LED Area Lights provide lighting without the extreme heat that halogens produce,” says Jim Watson, Group Product Manager, DEWALT. “When designing these new area lights, we wanted to address the heat output without diminishing the level of illumination, provide a more natural light color and give end users the convenience of cordless portability.”

The DCL060 and DCL061 both supply 1500 lumens of clean light with few shadows and provide 6100K color temperature, which is beneficial to any professional end user who must distinguish between different colors when performing applications. For flexibility in use, the DCL061 can run on AC or DC power (power cord not included) and both the DCL060 and DCL061 include the Multi-PortTM interface, which allows the DEWALT 18V Lithium Ion and Nicad batteries or any of the 20V MAX* lithium ion batteries to power the light.

The new area lights can run up to 2.5 hours when paired with a DEWALT 4.0 Ah battery (sold separately), and offer users a cooler, more efficient alternative than halogens.

The DCL060 and DCL061 bare units will retail for $99.00 and $119.00, respectively, and will be available in July wherever DEWALT products are sold. The area lights come standard with a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.

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