Stanley Launches Two Great Solutions in a Pinch – Simple Start & Satellite

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These two new Stanley products will be launching this week, and are also featured as this week’s Coptool Epic Friday Facebook Contest. Both the Simple Start ($80) and the Satellite ($40) are great options for emergency situations for light and battery backup. The Simple Start main function is to jump start up your car (even a V8) if the battery dies but since it is so compact and portable and features a 2 Amp USB it might actually get more day to day use as a backup for phones and tablets. It does also have a built in LED.

The Satellite LED light on the other hand is a task light with 300 lumens designed to spread over an area or a focused beam, magnetic base allows it to fixed overhead and it also includes a USB port (1 Amp) for charging of the cell phone. Both utilize internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which should provide years of usability. See the full Stanley press releases below for more on these new products. Stanley Simple Start


Boca Raton, FL – The new Stanley Simple Start Lithium Ion battery booster starts most dead batteries in 5-15 minutes from inside your vehicle. When your battery is dead, the Stanley Simple Start™ is here to get you back on the road! Simply plug the booster into the 12V DC outlet or clamp directly to the battery, and start your vehicle in minutes.

The unit includes a home charger, a car charger/boosting cable, and vehicle battery clamps for the option of direct connection to the battery. The Stanley Simple Start™ Lithium Ion battery booster works with 4, 6, and V8 engines and has a Multicolor Power/Status Indicator to show the battery status.

The Stanley Simple Start Lithium Ion battery booster features portable power on the go with the built in 2 Amp USB power supply charging port. This unit charges and powers smart phones, tablets, and other handheld electronic devices.

Dead battery after the sun has gone down? The Stanley Simple Start™ Lithium Ion battery booster has a built in LED light for illumination in times of need in darkness, or when emergency situations arise. The unit is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to store in a compartment or glovebox of your vehicle, ready for your power needs.

You can trust the Stanley Simple Start™ Lithium Ion battery booster. This product is tested by independent labs for safety, efficiency, and reliability, and is ETL & CEC Certified. Inside the Stanley Simple Start™ Lithium Ion battery booster is a high grade Samsung battery, and includes “No Spark” protection, as well as reverse polarity protection so the unit will warn you if connected incorrectly. The Stanley Simple Start Lithium Ion battery booster is always there for you in emergency situations and times of need.

Stanley Satellite LED


Boca Raton, FL – With over 150 years of distinguished performance in tooling and lighting, Stanley together with Baccus Global brings one of the most innovative and advanced work lights on the market to the home, consumer, and professional.

The Stanley Satellight™ also offers Portable Power, giving you the ability to recharge electronic devices and more on the go, while having a runtime of up to 6 hours. The 1 Amp USB charging/Power Supply Port is conveniently located and readily available on the base of the light for all of your portable power needs.

Power outage? No worries. Need extra light in the backyard? The Stanley Satellight™ has you covered. Designed for closed flashlight use, as well as an open Ultra-Bright LED wide range viewing, the Stanley Satellight™ has 3 folding Light Panels and a Pivoting head to provide the everyday consumer, or professional with the power and visibility needed at the home, office, and worksite.

The Stanley Satellight™ has a Multi-Function power button: High / Low / Area / All / Flash and a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, so you never have to worry about replacement batteries, just simply plug in.

The Stanley Satellight™ features a magnetic base to easily attach to most metal surfaces. The Stow-away Hanging Hook is easily accessible for light lantern use, great for any party, camping, or outdoor space.

You can trust The Stanley Satellight™. This product is tested by independent labs for safety, efficiency, and reliability, and is ETL and CEC Certified. The Stanley Satellight™ contains a Lithium Ion high grade Samsung battery.

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