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Makita 18Vx2 Cut-Off Saw 14” Brushless XWL01PT

Just announced from Makita Tools coming in early 2019 the world’s first cordless 14” chop saw for metal cutting. This saw uses 14” abrasive wheels so it is a “Hot Saw” with lots of sparks. At the same time they are also launching a new thin-kerf abrasive wheel (3/32” thick B-64705) which will give the saw & new wheel combo …

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Skilsaw 8” Metal Cutting Saw OUTLAW SPT78W-22

When it comes to cutting metal in the field there are several different options between bandsaws, grinders, recip saws, chop saws, circular saws, torches just to name a few. A metal specific circular saw such as the Skilsaw OUTLAW SPT78MMC-22 ($319) offers some significant advantages in many different applications, lower sparks than grinding, minimal burrs, cold-cut won’t warp the metal, …

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Lenox Diamond Wheel Results

Diamond Edge Cutting Wheels Head to Head

Special Thanks to The Jimbo Slice Workshop for this Guest Post, some great info we think many will find useful!!! For years we have been using bonded cutting wheels for our metal cutting needs, and for years we’ve understood their limitation and danger. A rotation disc at 13,000 rpms that could explode at any minute. Not only can they break up …

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Diablo Pruning Blades


Each year Freud Diablo launches and/or updates several of their main products for a media event just before the STAFDA tradeshow. This year the event was named the Red Fire Media Event although it was a bit confusing because we were expecting to see some new product named Red Fire. Not the case. We did get to see some cool stuff …

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DEWALT Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade DW8500 to Cut Metal

  We first learned about the DEWALT’s diamond blade DW8500 ($249, Amazon) for cutting metal at last year’s STAFDA trade show and instantly it seemed like a no brainer. Using a standard cutting abrasive disc just has so many flaws. For one they don’t last very long, they get smaller as they are used so it makes cutting large diameter …

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Kett KD-446 Profile Shears for Corrugated Metal & Curve Cuts

Kett metal shears are the standard in the business, if you are using another brand chances are you are still probably using a Kett head and shear blades. One problem with most metal shears however is it can be difficult to make tight radius cuts or work with corrugated metals. The new Kett Profile Shears KD-446 ($265, Ohio Power Tool) …

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