Kett KD-446 Profile Shears for Corrugated Metal & Curve Cuts

Kett metal shears are the standard in the business, if you are using another brand chances are you are still probably using a Kett head and shear blades. One problem with most metal shears however is it can be difficult to make tight radius cuts or work with corrugated metals. The new Kett Profile Shears KD-446 ($265, Ohio Power Tool) uses a different style head specifically designed to be more maneuverable while cutting. The profile shear can cut a radius as tight as 3” but only does 28” per minute in a straight cut while the less expensive KD-200 ($199, Ohio Power Tool) can do almost 300” in same time. If your primary need for an electric shears is for cutting spiral duct, wire mesh, corrugated siding or roofing this might be the right shear for you. Checkout the KD-446 in the video below:



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