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Milwaukee RedStick vs Stabila Levels

It was not been a secret that with Milwaukee’s acquisition on Empire Levels as well as another measuring tape manufacturer they had their eyes focused heavily on building a full range of measuring hand tools. With Empire already covering economic to mid-high range levels, squares, caution tapes, utility detectable tapes, measuring tapes, bobs, calipers, etc the only direction to go …

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Milwaukee Media Event, New Product Symposium 2015 #NPS15

Each year Milwaukee Tool brings in a large group of media folks from various magazines and tool focused blog sites. They really gear their following 9 months of product launches around this annual event so they invest the time and energy into making the event a big deal. This year was again bigger than ever before and the Red team …

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Milwaukee Expands Hand Tools with a Lot of Screwdrivers

In May of this year Milwaukee is planning to expand their hand tool line with several new types of drivers for a variety of applications. These hand tools continue to support their commitment to stay focused on professional trades and offer unique features to help electricians, plumbers and facility maintenance professionals.  Here is a look at a few of the …

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Milwaukee Fastback 2 Because the Best Just Isn’t Good Enough

August of last year we conducted a comparison test of the Top 8 Utility Knives that we had seen from two previous posts on the topic as well as a few of the latest and greatest innovations added into the mix. The winner of the competition was the Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1901 ($15, Ohio Power Tool) with our only complaint that …

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Milwaukee Hand Tools to Take on Channel Lock & Klein Tools

  The veil of secrecy has been lifted; Milwaukee Tools has officially announced their second round of hand tools and are very clear in their target of Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers, Mechanical and Maintenance/Repair professionals. In all we counted 18 new tools including various sizes of snips, strippers, pliers and cutters. There is no doubt in our heads, Milwaukee is going …

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