Milwaukee RedStick vs Stabila Levels

New Milwaukee Redstick

It was not been a secret that with Milwaukee’s acquisition on Empire Levels as well as another measuring tape manufacturer they had their eyes focused heavily on building a full range of measuring hand tools. With Empire already covering economic to mid-high range levels, squares, caution tapes, utility detectable tapes, measuring tapes, bobs, calipers, etc the only direction to go was up. Stabila has held the market for high end, extremely accurate levels for many years in US and Milwaukee has not been shy where the Milwaukee RedStick Torpedo & Box Levels will compete in the market (they even put it on their packaging).

Milwaukee Redstick Levels

What Makes the REDSTICK Box Levels Better

Level Vials

The biggest issues with levels and the top reason you are most likely to pay more is accuracy, does it start level and does it stay level. Milwaukee’s Redstick line carries a .29 degree (.0005”/in) lifetime accuracy guarantee so they are standing behind the product. The vials used are their SHARPSITE vials design for readability (2x magnify) as well as impact resistance. The vials are mechanically and chemically set in frame to ensure accuracy during construction.

Backbone Frame Level

The entire frame of these box levels have been reengineered, the reinforced BACKBONE inside each Redstick ensures these levels can hold up to the toughest jobsites and far surpass the similar Stabila Level in just about any torture test.

Pricing for the Milwaukee Redstick mirror Stabila 96M almost to the penny Magnetic 24” MLBXM24 ($89) & Magnetic 48” MLBXM48 ($139). In talking with the team at Milwaukee they are very convinced they’ve got a more accurate, tougher level that’s easier to read so by matching their price they are providing a superior value.

Milwaukee vs Stabila

Similarly on the torpedo levels, with Empire already addressing most of the demand out there the Milwaukee Redstick Torpedo Levels focus on the high end with 7” Compact Billet 48-22-5107 ($34) and the 10” 360-Degree Torpedo 48-22-5210 ($59) which again go right up against Stabila with similar pricing.

While we do have a lot of confidence in the Milwaukee Hand Tools, Stabilia has built a reputation over several decades of having the most accurate levels out there. We think it’ll take some time to build the same reputation and prove themselves in the field before there is mass adoption but no question in our minds these levels are very high quality.

Milwaukee Level Family

If you’ve got any question on Milwaukee Redstick (most SKUs already instock) or any Milwaukee Tools give the expert staff at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be more than happy to help.

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