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Core Bore M-5PRO CB744 Core Rig

Diamond Products Core Bore Rigs CB733 & CB744

When it comes to professional concrete cutting and drilling the team at Diamond Products leads the way in many categories, from Concrete Core Bits, Walk Behind Concrete Saws, Diamond Blades and of course Core Drilling Rigs. The Diamond Products Core Bore name is who the pros call any size coring jobs, up to 60″+ diameter no problem. For 2” to 14” …

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Diamond Core Bits vs Carbide Core Bits – Concrete

There are several options to consider where you want to drill a hole into concrete, and for anything larger than 1-2” diameter you will probably want to consider using some form of a core drill bit. Of course, not all concrete core drill bits are created equal, and selecting the right core bit will depend greatly on the type of …

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On the Job with Core Bore Diamond Products

The CopTool Team had the chance to tag along on a job to see a few Diamond Products Core Bore products in action. A friend was drilling 34 6” x 24” holes into some 48 hour old concrete so that some epoxies and anchors specific to the machinery to be installed could be placed. Many times, old anchor bolts have …

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Ultimate Drilling Machine Core Bore Diamond Products Core Drill

For when you absolutely positively need the best possible option for coring concrete and don’t mind paying for it. This thing is self propelled, self contained (with water), self feeding, hydraulically controlled with an onboard tachometer and can core anything between ½” to 24” at the flick of a switch. Overkill for 99% of core drill users probably but we …

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Diamond Products CB500-HH Low Cost Hand Held Core Drill

The new Core Bore CB500-HH from Diamond Products is a hand held coring drill, capable of drilling up to 3” diameter holes in concrete and other material. This is not a revolutionary product idea however this new product is priced at $521.10 from Ohio Power Tool, which makes it much more economical for many companies consider purchasing. How can the …

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