Diamond Products CB500-HH Low Cost Hand Held Core Drill

The new Core Bore CB500-HH from Diamond Products is a hand held coring drill, capable of drilling up to 3” diameter holes in concrete and other material. This is not a revolutionary product idea however this new product is priced at $521.10 from Ohio Power Tool, which makes it much more economical for many companies consider purchasing.

How can the new CB500-HH cost so much less than the WEKA DK12 ($1597)? You are giving up some power and flexibility but for drilling small diameter holes it may be a better option. The CB500-HH can be mounted to a core rig such as the M-4 but even then it is not designed to handle more than 3” holes. The WEKA DK12, DK13 & DK16 all have a 3” drill capacity when used as hand held units but when mounted on an M-4 rig can handle up to 6” diameter drilling. The gear box for the CB500-HH is only two speeds (1100 & 2200 RPM) which is good enough for small diameter drilling while the other units all feature three speeds to handle larger jobs.

For those that never intend on using the coring drill for more than small holes this light weight, low-cost unit might be just the answer they are looking for. The unit also features a shoulder brace for added stability and feels like it was really designed for hand held use where the other units are a little beefier for mounted and large hole drilling.


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