Core Bore M-5PRO CB744 Core Rig

Diamond Products Core Bore Rigs CB733 & CB744

Core Bore M-5PRO CB744 Core Rig

When it comes to professional concrete cutting and drilling the team at Diamond Products leads the way in many categories, from Concrete Core Bits, Walk Behind Concrete Saws, Diamond Blades and of course Core Drilling Rigs. The Diamond Products Core Bore name is who the pros call any size coring jobs, up to 60″+ diameter no problem. For 2” to 14” coring the Milwaukee Core Motors have been the standard for many years, relatively unchanged these 2 speed motors are real workhorses and you can find them mounted on any number of rigs from Core Bore as well as many other rig manufacturers. Diamond Products is launching two new Core Bore motors which look to change the game in core rigs with the CB733 (3 speed, 115v) and CB744 (4 speed, 220V).

What allows core motors to work on standard 20 amp circuits but have such large powerful motors is the meter control box, essential on most large core rigs, add a vacuum pump and now you are controlling power to 2 motors all while trying not to overload the circuit. The meter box lets you know when you are pressing to hard (amp draw needle spikes) and you can back off a little. Of course there are many different box options, 1 plug or 2 plugs, different twist locks, etc to confuse the situation, a necessary evil we just deal with. The new Core Bore CB733 & CB744 motors integrate overload/overheat protection into the motor itself and offer a warning light to let you know when to back off so there is no need for this extra piece of hardware.

The M-1 Rig CB733 with Vacuum Pump ($1999, intro special) is the most common setup for this motor, designed to compete directly with the M-1 Rig with Milwaukee & Vacuum Pump ($1999) currently the most common core setup in our area. Both offer 20 amp power but the CB733 is a newer high efficiency motor, better cooling, soft-start, overload protection, 3 speed gear box (345/630/1000 RPM) vs Milwaukee 4094 2 speed (450/900 RPM) for better control over the exact size core bit needed. This unit runs on standard 115v 20 amp outlets, LED overload protection starts blinking at 20.5 amps then goes solid at 23.5 amps so certainly can push still the limits as everyone wants to seem to do.

CB744 Core Motor 4 Speed

The CB744 is the new big brother to the CB733, this motor is a 4 speed (225/300/565/780 RPM) clearly geared towards larger diameter bits. The unit comes in 115v or 230v options but if you are going to chock this motor at 115v you’re not getting your money’s worth, don’t buy a thoroughbred to give pony rides at the fair, the CB733 is already more power than a 115v can handle. If you need a bigger motor than the CB733 go with the 230v/15amp option to full utilize the power available. Of course the CB744 motor can be mounted to a number of rigs from a standard M-2 CB744 core rig ($2899) to the fully loaded M-5PRO CB744 ($3499) with quick connect & vacuum rig.

If you are looking for a larger capacity unit give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they can configure it correctly for you range of applications. These units can really be dialed in right with various bases, mast heights and other configurations. These 2 new motors add to the wide variety of options already available from Core Bore with WEKA DK handheld and rig mounted motors to hydraulic motors for up to 60” core bits. We like the innovation and performance both these motors provide with a value that should make the both very popular units.

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