Freud / Diablo

Diablo is a premium brand of cutting tools and abrasives designed specifically for professionals. When pros buy a new cutting power tool, often their first step is to throw out the included blade, and replace it with a Diablo. While many manufacturers make carbide tipped blades, Diablo is the only one who manufacturers their own carbide, developing it specifically to each job. They makes some of the most sought after circular saw blades, reciprocating blades, router bits, forstner bits, sand paper and more.

Lenox Diamond Wheel Results

Special Thanks to The Jimbo Slice Workshop for this Guest Post, some great info we think many will find useful!!! For years we have been using bonded cutting wheels for our metal cutting needs, and for years we’ve understood their limitation and danger. A rotation disc at 13,000 rpms that could explode at any minute. Not only can they break up …

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We’ve seen the market shift over the years from bi-metal to carbide blades, first with circular saws, then pretty recently with recip blades and now transitioning into the hole saw category. The new Diablo Carbide Hole Saws brings long life expectancy and faster cutting through wood and metal. Unlike other carbide hole saws we have seen just for wood which could also handle …

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Diablo Pruning Blades

Each year Freud Diablo launches and/or updates several of their main products for a media event just before the STAFDA tradeshow. This year the event was named the Red Fire Media Event although it was a bit confusing because we were expecting to see some new product named Red Fire. Not the case. We did get to see some cool stuff …

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