Power Tools and ROBOTS a good mix? Doesn’t matter. They’re HERE. Plus your power tool news! S3E26

Welcome back power tool fans, this week Vince teaches us to spaddle, Clint takes us for a ride and Stan uses his EGO on the worst lawn in America This is your Power tool week in review.

We start off this week in the weeds. Very very, tall weeds. Don’t worry. Stan’s here. The King Primate of the Dirt drove past a neighbor with grass that had yet to mowed this YEAR, and did what we were all thinking. He got out his new EGO 3rd Gen Select Cut mower, and gave that yard the Covid Haircut we all wish we could get ourselves. After getting the guy’s permission first… of course. Ego has always bragged about the enormous power in their electric OPE, but Stan knew this would be a true test of the new 21” mower. And he was shocked by what it did. After clearing the front, he powered on to the back yard and proceeded to mow down weeds that grew tall enough to vote. So did the Ego conquer the worst lawn in Stan’s neighborhood? To find out, visit Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek on Youtube

So are they called spade bits? Paddle Bits? Spaddle Bits? The Very Cool Gang got a hold of the new Diablo spade bit set to see if they live up to the hype. After a bit of light testing, Vince decides to take it up a notch. Then he immediately ruins all of the fun by saying “Don’t try this at home though, because you know…we’re telling you not to!” SHUT UP VINCE, YOU AREN’T MY MOM! To see if the Spaddle Bits pass the test, head over to VCG Construction on YouTube.

Are you tired of scooping up gravel and mulch in your hands and carrying it to the back yard in 1200 separate trips? Well Clint has a fast, capable, $13,000 solution. This is the Cub Cadet Challenger MX 750, and Clint likes it. This is the first of several videos he has plans for the Challenger, but this one goes pretty deep into the details. He covers all the major features including 4WD, the wench and a dump bed. After putting it through it’s paces, he appears to like everything about this thing, except… Whatever, the Cub Cadet looks amazing. It’s also really fast. To see just how fast he gets it going, head over to The tool Review Zone on Youtube.

I need a Head to Head tool review video. And I mean a real detailed, over the top, way too many options, rigged up, timed out, every color showdown of gratuitous powertool performance. There are none this week. But not to worry, because Tool Box Buzz is about to come through. TBB is well known for their ridiculously detailed head 2 heads, and they sent us these previews of 2 new ones that are right around the corner. This time they’re covering Track Saws and Electric Mowers. But they’re not ready just yet. If you want more details, we’ll put Rob Robillard’s Cell number in the description below so you can ask him. OR, you could just head over to Tool Box Buzz on Youtube and get subscribed, ring the bell, and your device of choice will tell you the minute it goes live. The rest of you head over to Tool Box Buzz on youtube. 

It’s time for construction industry news, courtesy of our buddy Shane, at Construction Junkie.com First up, Do you remember that terrible collapse at the Hard Rock Hotel back in October of last year? The one that killed 3 workers, and injured 30 others? Since it fell, there have been months of investigations, OSHA fines, and more, but this week, the final demolition has begun. This is a great relief to the families of the deceased, as the building was deemed too dangerous to recover 2 of the bodies. This next step will finally allow them to be recovered. The demolition will take place across several phases and should be completed by October of this year. 

We’ve covered Spot the Robot Dog from Boston Dynamics many times on the show as it’s slowly been released onto the jobsite, but today I have the best news yet. You can finally buy one! For $75000. I know, but look at that thing. Back in the fall of 2019, Boston Dynamics allowed their terrifying canine to be leased on a trial basis by select businesses with awesome dog ideas. Somehow my idea for a robot dog breeding program didn’t get picked. Think of the money we’d make selling robot puppies! Besides finally offering the dog for sale. They’re also releasing a series of attachments including LIDAR, Batteries, Ports, and more. Some of the attachments reach as high as $34,000 themselves. So if you have more money then you do Robot Dogs, Boston Dynamics has a sweet deal for you. 

For more on this and all your construction industry news, head over to Construction Junkie.com

Before we go let’s take a quick stop at Instagram where our favorite Chippy showed off her Hikoki Gasless Cordless Framer gun that goes Pew pew pew! 


Murray from Krugerconstruction insists on color coding his hammers, and found this awesome soft face for his legendary Martinez M4 that doesn’t just work great, it looks good. 


Is that important to you guys? That your tools are color coordinated? Let’s get to some deals! Who wants some free Milwaukee tools? That’s right you all do, and right now over at Ohio Power Tool they’ve got a huge selection of deals that include either free tools or accessories, with the purchase of select Milwaukee Tools. Go check them out. 

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