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Skil Quick Select 360 Pocket Driver

I got my hands on a Skil Quick Select 360 ($49, Amazon) Pocket Driver , and I have to say that it is a nifty little tool. It is basically the Skil 4 volt pocket driver (that also can double as a wine opener) that comes complete with a 12 bit carousel fully integrated into the tool. You can see all …

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Skil iXO Vivo Drill / Wine Opener 2354-10 Review

Some days testing tools and accessories can be tough work, other days it’s pretty easy… yesterday was one of those days. We had the difficult task of hands on demoing of the new Skil iXO Wine Opening Tool 2354-10 ($66, Amazon). This is a 4V lithium screwdriver complete with a set of ¼” hex bits as well as the wine …

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Paul Jr Designs Builds Skil Saw 75th Anniversary Edition Chopper

  In 1924 SkilSaw invented the first wormdrive circular saw and was an instant hit. The Model 77 was introduced in 1937 and is now celebrating 75 years as one of America’s favorite circular saws. The name SkilSaw is often used on the jobsite as a generic term for all circular saw whether they are red, yellow, blue, whatever because …

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New Skil Oscillating Multi-Tool OMT For $79 at Walmart

 If you still have not treated yourself to an Oscillating Multi-tool you may want to consider looking at the new Skil when it is available in May. The 2.0 amp motor is slightly less powerful compared to the Bosch, Rockwell and Fein but certainly so is the $79 price tag. One big selling feature with the Skil system is that …

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SKIL Worm Drive Challenge

Check out the latest contest from Skil Power Tools. One thing I really like about this contest is that there are lots of prizes to win if by chance you don’t get to drive off with the grand prize Big Dog Chopper. If you have a pretty good story and picture about using your Skil saw you stand a pretty …

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