Skil iXO Vivo Drill / Wine Opener 2354-10 Review

Skil iXO

Some days testing tools and accessories can be tough work, other days it’s pretty easy… yesterday was one of those days. We had the difficult task of hands on demoing of the new Skil iXO Wine Opening Tool 2354-10 ($66, Amazon). This is a 4V lithium screwdriver complete with a set of ¼” hex bits as well as the wine tools for cutting the wrap, uncorking and a wine stopper.

What I love about this most is that it is a great way to put an extra cordless screwdriver in the house that will be completely OK with the wife. If you’re really sneaky, you can even give it to her as a gift, “2 birds” if you will. A single battery charge on the Skil is estimated to last a year with occasional wine opening use. This review also allows us a great opportunity to share a video which perfectly demonstrates our refined technique for selecting only the highest quality wines. Please enjoy!

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