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Milwaukee M12 M-Spector Flex Camera PivotView 2317-21

Several of the power tool companies have launched inspection cameras with varying degree of success. With Milwaukee Tool’s focus so much on the Plumbing and Mechanical trades the need to offer a great inspection camera on the M12 Battery Platform is pretty critical. The redesigned M-Spector, now known as the M-Spector Flex is offered in 3 configurations with basic 3’ …

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Milwaukee M12 Inspection Camera 2314-21 – Toilet Specialist

  There are now dozens of small handheld inspection cameras on the market with any number of options and price ranges. What is becoming more obvious is that as there are more units available each needs to find its specialty. The Ridgid CA-300, for instance connects to reels from 30-100’ and replaces larger camera at a fraction of the investment. …

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