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Bosch L-Rack Brings New Options to L-Boxx Storage System

Launching this month is the Bosch L-Rack ($139, Ohio Power Tool) which offers 3 drawers multi-configuration storage unit to compliment the already popular Bosch L-Boxx System. We had no idea this system would become as popular as it has but Bosch has done a very smart thing by adding the L-Boxx to many of their most popular tools. Because the …

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Bosch Click & Go Sale, Just in Time for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it is probably fortunate for a lot of us that there are some pretty fancy deals popping up on power tools. Yesterday, we talked about our free M18 battery promotion with Milwaukee, and today I will talk about the deal that Bosch will be running until June 22nd on their Click & Go …

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Bosch L-Boxx Sale – $20 off a Purchase of $100 or More

With the Bosch L-Boxx the hits just keep on coming. Not only has the Bosch organization system for their tools become stunningly popular, but they have released another promotion to help all those folks out there who needed just a little nudge to help them get on board with the Click & Go System. Just use the coupon code “BOXX” …

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12V compact Radio

Bosch 12V Compact Radio PB120 – The L-Boxx Radio

The Bosch Click & Go System is becoming more popular than I could have ever anticipated. It seems a lot of tool users out there really value what they L-Boxx can bring to the table in terms of organization, portability, and projecting a professional appearance on the jobsite. Bearing in mind the level at which the L-Boxx is being embraced …

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Bosch L-Boxx-3 Giveaway at Ohio Power Tool

The folks at Ohio Power Tool are not typically the type to ignore things written on Post-It notes, so when this little guy turned up this morning attached to a Bosch L-Boxx-3 it was no surprise that there was a Sweepstakes giveaway on Ohio Power Tool’s Facebook page before lunchtime.

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Bosch Click & Go L-Boxx Jobsite Storage

Bosch is bringing a product already very popular in the European market to the States with their new Click & Go product line. The star of the show is obviously the L-Boxx, which comes in 5 different varieties that have different inserts and accessories. The L-Boxx 1-4 are all 17.5” x 14” tool boxes with depths varying from 4-1/2” to …

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Bosch Surface Laser GSL2 for Perfectly Level Flooring

  Getting a perfectly level starting surface is very important for many applications and flooring, so determining the levelness is of course essential. Unfortunately until now there has not been a really easy, inexpensive way to do that so conflicts can arise between installers about if a surface is actually level “enough”. The Bosch self-leveling Surface Laser GSL2 ($549, Ohio …

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