Bosch Click & Go L-Boxx Jobsite Storage

Bosch is bringing a product already very popular in the European market to the States with their new Click & Go product line. The star of the show is obviously the L-Boxx, which comes in 5 different varieties that have different inserts and accessories. The L-Boxx 1-4 are all 17.5” x 14” tool boxes with depths varying from 4-1/2” to 15”. Bosch has foam and blow molded inserts for these boxes to make them easily customizable for your Bosch (or if you watch the video, Milwaukee) tools. The L-Boxx 3D has space for removable drawers (sold separately) as well as a locking lid on the top. Bosch also has a hand truck (L-Cart) and a furniture dolly-esque product (L-Dolly) to help you get the L-Boxxes to, from, and around your jobsite. Along with the L-Cart and L-Dolly, you can also get molded plastic organizers for your L-Boxxes for smaller items like fasteners and bits. Our friend Robert Robillard of did a nice review here, and posted the video below. He does a really nice job showing how the foam inserts can be customized.

The L-Boxx is essentially a tool case; what makes them special is the way they work together. Each box has a simple, one touch click feature that makes it possible to simply place one box on top of the other to attach them and pick up both boxes with one handle. Multiple boxes can be stackd to create a neat and secure stack that would not be possible with the different sized and shaped boxes commonly associated with tools. In theory, this will enable you to organize your trailer or workshop into different L-Boxxes, then create a stack of boxes you need for a specific job that will all lock together and can be easily transported at the same time. The Cart and the Dolly are available for those who are not comfortable with their ability to carry a 52” high stack of L-Boxes by themselves, although the boxes have handles on both the top and the sides, so they could potentially be carried by two people.

One of the real strengths of the L-Boxx is the way that they look. If you are using them properly and walk into a job with a stack of boxes that are uniform in color and size and have all the tools you need for your job, it will really present an air of professionalism. In the eyes of a client, you will be a well-organized and efficient contractor, which can lead to more jobs and better referrals in the future.

L-Boxx 3D w/ removable drawers

While the L-Boxx is water and dust resistant, it is neither water proof nor IP65 certified so they can’t be stored outdoors permanently, but they should be more than good enough for a ride in the back of a pickup in the rain. They are also not as heavy duty as some of the more industrial models out there, but they are better looking and more customizable while still being a sturdy, lightweight box with a decent amount of features.

Ohio Power Tool carries the full line of Click & Go products as well as many other Bosch Tools. You can check them out online or call a pro at (800) 242-4424.

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