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Edge Eyewear – Shotgun to the Face Videos

Typically you are going to want to avoid .22 calibers & 12 gauge shotguns to the face. It is never a good idea, no matter what kind of eye protection you are wearing. For instance, the typical .22 bullet travels at a rate of 1164 ft/sec, with a weight of 1.7 grams that produces a force of 87 ft/lbs. This …

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New Designer Series Safety Glasses – Wolf Peak Edge Eyewear

Normally safety eye protection and designer sunglasses are two completely different things however Edge eyewear is doing their best to bridge the gap. Available soon in as part of the new Designer Series are 3 new polarized safety sunglasses, including Brazeau Skull TXB216-S, Brazeau Torque Black TXB236 & Brazeau Torque White TXB246. All 3 of the new styles are on …

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