Edge Eyewear – Shotgun to the Face Videos

Typically you are going to want to avoid .22 calibers & 12 gauge shotguns to the face. It is never a good idea, no matter what kind of eye protection you are wearing. For instance, the typical .22 bullet travels at a rate of 1164 ft/sec, with a weight of 1.7 grams that produces a force of 87 ft/lbs. This does a great job demonstrating the protective properties of Edge Eyewear because none of the dangers on the jobsite, including flying debris from a saw, falling objects, or even misfired nail guns, are traveling at near these speeds. It is this kind of technology that goes into all the Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses. The fact that they look great is just a very nice benefit. Check out these short videos below.

And finally another fun one where they ran over a pile of just the lenses with a lawn mower, see the results.

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