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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Ratchet 2557-21

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Ratchet replaces it’s previous brushed motor Ratchet. Providing more power and better run time, this brushless M12 feels all kind of right in our hands. The bare tool at only $149 or the 2557-21 with 1 battery kit at $199 has 55lbs of max torque and 200RPM to keep cranking out the work. 

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Bosch 12V EC Brushless Impacts PS42 & PS82

While most pro tool brands are pushing for bigger and more powerful tools, Bosch is looking to deliver smaller more compact tools but maintain the power that pros need. We recently looked at the 18V Compact Tough Drills overhaul with similar shrinking profile. These new 12V EC Brushless impacts are a great example with 975 in lbs on the ¼” …

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Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2404-22 Hammer Drill vs 2453-22 Impact Driver

Milwaukee Tool is the first to invest the time and resources needed to bring 12V brushless tools to the market. The idea being if they could get enough power into these small tools they could actual compete with and outperform many of the compact 18V tools already out there. The Milwaukee M12 platform also allows for the most compact size, …

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Milwaukee M12 FUEL & M12 RedLithium 2.0/XC4.0 Batteries

So the really big news (we have to keep secret until now) that was announced at the 2012 Milwaukee Media Event is the coming launch of a full line of M12 Fuel Tools in addition to new M12 & M18 RedLithium 2.0/4.0 batteries. We have never seen such a big leap forward for power tools in adding power and runtime while …

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