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Milwaukee MX FUEL Cordless Platform is Big

Today Milwaukee announced an entirely new battery platform and tool series called the MX Fuel Equipment System. This is a bold and unapologetic shot at the traditionally gas powered light equipment & larger pneumatic market where tools like breakers, core drills and 14” cutoff saws have always stayed just out of reach of cordless solutions.  At the heart of this new line is a brand new battery platform, and a new electric motor. Today we’re going to give you a quick overview of the new lineup, and then provide a series of videos with more details on each model. Milwaukee MX Pre-Sale & Specs on Ohio Power Tool now available.

The first question, is why. The answer is pretty obvious to any tradesman who deals with the emissions, noise, vibration, mixing oil/gas and other frustrations of gas maintenance. Milwaukee has continually showed a significant commitment to battery technology, and it appears they feel their tech is ready to take on these bigger jobs.

Milwaukee tells us that this new platform will consist of two MX Fuel Redlithium Battery packs. We had a chance to literally get our hands on prototypes a few months ago, and by our best guess, the “compact” MX battery is roughly the size of two 12AH M18s (which looks to feature 20x of what we have to guess are 21700 cells), and the Larger version is about twice that (with 40x 21700 cells). Milwaukee has yet to release technical details on Amp hours, specific cells, or even voltage, but we will have that information soon. But it’s safe to say these batteries are BIG. They’re not meant to clip onto a small hand held tool like a drill. They’re big batteries, intended to do big work.

ONE-KEY will be on all MX tools and batteries which will of course allow for excellent asset tracing and theft prevention/recovery but did they didn’t go into many details on how that might affect performance other than for the light.

There’s also the new Milwaukee Powerstate Brushless motor, and the Redlink Plus Intelligence system that links the new motor to the new battery tech. By designing the batteries, motors and electronics together, Milwaukee claims to have built a system intended to bring the power and convenience of cordless tools to jobs previously thought impossible.

At launch, there will be a total of 6 new products. This is the MX FUEL 14” Cut-Off Saw MXF314-1XC ($1999). It boasts a true 14” cut capacity (5”), faster performance than gas, less vibration and quieter operation. Also available is a very nice looking cart for the saw. For run time they say 2 MX batteries is roughly equal to 1 tank of gas. Size and weight are just a little heavier & bulkier than competition but you can also run it indoors.  

This is the MX FUEL Breaker MXF368-1XC ($2499), claiming to be faster, safer and easier to use. It’s lighter, suffers less from vibration and breaks over 2 tons of concrete per charge. Also has LED lights!!!

This is the MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill MFX301-1CP ($2649) also Mx Core Drill with Stand MXF301-2CXS ($3999). This monster is capable of coring up to 6” holes in reinforced concrete, and features a patented clutch and autostop tech.

This is the MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light and Charger MXF041-XC ($2999). Incredibly portable, this indoor/outdoor LED light tower produces a mind blowing 27,000 lumens of task and area lighting. Rated to handle up to 45 mph winds, rain , snow and most brutal of jobsite environments. ONE-KEY really comes into play here as you can set lumens, runtime and other features all from your phone.

This is the MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine with PowerTredz MXF501-1CP ($3499). It’s got the power to clear roots up to 200 feet out, while providing protection against messes with an enclosed drum. The Power tredz allows for one-person transportation in and out of service vans, and up and down stairs.

Finally, this is the MX FUEL Carry-On Portable Power Supply rated at 1800W/3600W. It’s compact size, quiet operation and no emissions provide efficient, accessible power… anywhere including indoors, on a lift anywhere. Power your 55” TV for 14 hours straight when using both battery slots, that’s one heck of a long tailgate. Run a 15 amp table saw while charging your M12/M18 batteries without an issue.

Milwaukee is making a bold statement with this system. They have clearly declared war on gas motors, and are moving forward with their commitment to making job sites safer, more convenient and efficient through the use of Lithium Ion batteries. The question of course is, will the jobsite welcome these new tools or hold fast to their gas. In the coming weeks we’ll be sitting down with Milwaukee executives, Tradesmen and industry experts to get their take on this new platform. For a closer look at each tool click this link to find our MX Fuel playlist.

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