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Milwaukee MX Breaker Hammer

Milwaukee MX FUEL Breaker Hammer MXF368-1XC

We’ve been wondering when the first cordless jack hammer would hit the market and what that might look like, what brands would do it? Would it have 4 batteries? Well Milwaukee MX answers some of those questions with the MXF368-1XC ($2499) that uses standard 1-1/8” hex, has 50 ft/lbs or breaking power, one of the lightest options and even features …

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Milwaukee MX Concrete Saw Cart

Milwaukee MX FUEL 14” CUT-OFF Saw MXF314-1XC

So the dust is settling on the crazy Milwaukee MX announcement, a true gas killer battery platform will be hitting the market in early 2020 (February). One of the most anticipated tools for the initial launch is certainly the 14” Cut-Off saw which takes aim directly at Stihl, Husqvarna, Hilti and Makita with their gas 14” options. The 1 battery …

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Milwaukee MX Cordless Tools

Milwaukee MX FUEL Cordless Platform is Big

Today Milwaukee announced an entirely new battery platform and tool series called the MX Fuel Equipment System. This is a bold and unapologetic shot at the traditionally gas powered light equipment & larger pneumatic market where tools like breakers, core drills and 14” cutoff saws have always stayed just out of reach of cordless solutions.  At the heart of this …

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