Makita 18V Cordless & Brushless 2016 Preview

Makita 18V brushless saws

While 2015 marked Makita’s 100th anniversary it’s looking like 2016 might be a bigger year for new Makita cordless products. To kick-off the year off they are launching a couple nice looking Brushless tools including a couple high torque impact wrenches as well as a couple of Brushless reciprocating saws. Not to mention cordless shop-vac, backpack vacs, 6.0Ah batteries with gauges, all new 12V cordless and a slew of other products. The other important 2016 news from Makita, meet Miss Makita & Senorita Makita! Last but not least, Makita 18V Cooling Jacket!

6.0Ah Batteries Makita

Makita 18V & 36V Brushless Reciprocating Saws

Makita 36V brushless saw

In our recent head to head on 18V cordless recip saws (full post/video) we only had 1 of the 5 pro saws with a brushless motor. No surprise the brushless was more powerful and had longer runtime so we were very excited to see Makita launching an 18V brushless recip saw which outperforms their own comparable corded model. Makita is actually launching 3 new cordless recip models that’ll all run on 18V batteries and feature improved vertical crank for more power. New models will be 18V brush motor XRJ04Z, 18V Brushless motor XRJ05Z and a 36V Brushless motor XRJ06Z (very similar performance to XRJ05Z).

From the demo we got above and the conversation with product manager it seems like the XRJ05Z brushless will be extremely powerful, good runtime and the way to go. The main difference between the brushless XRJ05Z and XRJ06Z (36V) being double run-time however it seems to us it would be better to have just 1 battery on tool so the other could be charging. More info and our testing to come spring 2016.

Makita 18V Brushless High Torque Impact Wrenches

Makita 18V impact wrench

Coming February 2016 we will see 3 new Makita Cordless Impacts with some very impressive bolt tightening power, 3/4″ square XWT07Z with 780 ft. lbs., 1/2” square XWT08Z with 740 ft. lbs. and 7/16” Hex XWT09Z with 740 ft. lbs. as well. “Nut Busting Torque” for removal, the ¾” should top 1,250 ft. lbs. and capable of outperforming even their 1” impact TW1000 ($859). Pre-orders should be available starting January 2016 on Makita 18V Cordless.

Makita Corded/Cordless Vacuums, HEPA & Backpack

36V cordless Vacuum

Having a corded shop-vac that can go cordless when needed has been an item we’ve had people asking about for years now. With 5Ah and soon 6Ah batteries doubled up you can get a very impressive 1 hour + runtime from this vacuum even when there is no power outlets available. Coming Mid 2016 as XCV04Z with HEPA filter unit. (08/2016 update post for XCV04Z & XCV05Z)

Corded or Cordless Vacs

The 36V cordless Backpack XCV05Z will also launch about the same time and have a HEPA option as well. This ultra portable solution has a lot of very interesting applications as we are seeing more cordless concrete cutters, SDS-Max drills as well as general clean up and a wide range of other applications.

Cordless Backpack Vacuum

Cordless Makita Vacs 

Makita 12V Cordless Lineup Revamp

Makita 12v Cordless Tools

Launching in January as full 12V lineup Makita 12V have been completely redone from in the true Makita colors. As a holiday teaser you can actually score a very hot deal on a their combo kit CT226 ($99), solid little tools with a 210 in. lbs. drill driver and 970 in. lbs. impact driver in this seasons hot deal combo! The slide battery will have 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah options both with battery gauges and more tools to come in 2016.

Maktia 12V recip saws

12V Cordless Metal Saw

Miss Makita & Miss Senorita 2016

Here’s the video… do we really need to say anything else.

Makita Cordless Heated Vest & Cooling Jacket

Heated Vest Makita

Makita added a heated vest we really like, very lightweight and clearly intended as a middle layer under your jacket. This makes a lot of sense to us because this is where the heating element can do the most warming. Put a jacket over top and it’ll trap all that heat underneath, very well designed for a 3 layer system.

Makita also is the first to actually have a Makita Cooling/Fan Jacket (available now overseas). We are not expecting this to make it to the US anytime soon but it’s possible if they get enough demand (let them know if that’s you). Honestly it felt a little silly (like a stay-puff marshmallow man) wearing it in a climate controlled environment but there are definitely situations we would not care how silly we looked if it’ll keep us 20 degrees cooler. It really did move a lot of air.

For any questions on any current or coming soon Makita Tools you can always call the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 and they will be more than happy to help you find the right tool for the job.

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